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IND EX® Ambassadors

Univ. Prof. Dr.-Ing. Uli Barth

IND EX® Ambassador for D-A-CH Region

  • Contact Details:

    University of Wuppertal
    Gaussstr. 20
    42199 Wuppertal, Germany
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University of Wuppertal contact partner |  Prof. Dr.-Ing. Uli Barth
As an IND EX® Ambassador for the Germany-Austria-Switzerland (D-A-CH) regions Univ. Prof. Dr.-Ing. Uli Barth will help to promote and advance safety standards, methodologies, and incident investigation practices.
He will support IND EX® as an expert in this field and work towards enhancing safety awareness, collaboration, and knowledge sharing among organizations, industries, and government bodies mainly in the D-A-CH regions. This role as an IND EX® Ambassador for Safety Engineering and Incident Research in the D-A-CH regions presents an exciting opportunity to make a significant impact on safety practices, promote collaboration, and enhance incident prevention efforts across industries.