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IND EX® e-learning

a new IND EX® Service.
IND EX® e-learning
Technical explosion protection measures are always related to organizational measures. The qualification of personnel is therefore an important element of explosion protection. International standards and national laws define the high requirements for persons working in potentially explosive atmospheres, but also for those who plan, install, or maintain explosion-proof installations.
IND EX® therefore provides web-based e-learning units. They cannot replace the attendance of conventional continuing education events, but they can be used as basic training for people who are new to the topic of explosion protection or who want to periodically refresh their knowledge.
IND EX® e-learning units
  • ATEX Basics
  • Avoiding ignition sources
  • Static Electricity
  • Maintenance of ATEX Equipment
  • Key elements of safe warehousing
In Preparation
  • Explosion Protection of Small Mills and Sieves
  • Safety Characteristics of Dust Clouds
  • Safety Characteristics of Flammable Gases and Vapours
Your e-learning benefits:
e-learning enables learners to access educational content at their own convenience and pace, so they can study anytime, anywhere.
Continuous learning and updates
Online platforms can be easily updated with new content, ensuring learners have access to the latest information and resources in a rapidly changing world.
Tracking and assessment
e-learning tools provide tracking and assessment features, allowing learners and educators to monitor progress, identify areas for improvement, and provide timely feedback.
Cost Effectiveness
e-learning eliminates the need for physical classrooms, reducing costs associated with travel, accommodations, and infrastructure. It also enables reuse and scalability of digital content.
Global reach
e-learning breaks geographical boundaries, enabling learners to connect with experts and educators worldwide, fostering cross-cultural learning experiences.
Environmental sustainability
e-learning reduces the need for printed materials and commuting, contributing to a more sustainable and eco-friendly approach to education.

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IND EX® e-learning is not a subscription. You will receive time-limited access to our e-learning content on this website, which you can use freely. Once the booked period has expired, your access ends automatically.
System requirements: IND EX® e-learning runs on all platform-independent computers in the Internet browser.
Access models

2. Package with 5 units (2024)

24 hour access for 30 calendar days | 142,80 € brut (120,00 Euro net)
24 hour access for 90 calendar days | 428,40 € brut (360,00 Euro net)
24 hour access for 180 calendar days | 714,00 € brut (600,00 Euro net)

Note: IND EX® members receive reduced-price access using their personal activation code.

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