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IND EX® presents

Apply the two most common explosion venting approaches in the world, following EN and NFPA.

available for Windows® 7 or higher.
Extensive research has been conducted over the last decades, enabling experts worldwide to establish standards and guidelines do deal with the hazard of gas and dust explosions. Besides preventive measures to avoid explosions, explosion protection techniques were developed to protect process equipment such as dust collectors, silos, dryers and or cyclones and many others.
One of the most common explosion protection measures is explosion venting, to reduce occurring explosion pressures in the equipment to an acceptable minimum.In a globalized world, equipment manufacturers are forced to know about many standards and guidelines present in their destination country they are going to supply to. This sometimes can be overwhelming. With VENT.iNG., a software is available which supports the explosion protection expert to apply the two most common explosion VENT.iNG approaches in the world, following EN and NFPA.
VENT.iNG. in its different versions is essentially based on
European Standards / Guidelines
  • EN 14491-2012 “Dust explosion Venting protective systems”
  • EN 14994-2007 “Gas explosion Venting protective systems”
  • Guideline VDI-3673, Part 1-2002 “Pressure release of dust explosions”
  • NFPA standard
  • NFPA 68:2023 “Standard on Explosion Protection by Deflagration Venting”
Additional features
  • Explosion pressure calculation in pipes
  • Exception calculation for explosion isolation
  • Multiple calculations in one file for larger projects
  • containing multiple equipment such as Spray Dryer-Cyclone-Filter combinations
Future features
  • DIN CEN TR 16829
  • Calculation of bucket elevators following NFPA 68:2023

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