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Be always well-informed - with the IND EX® publications around the topics explosion and their developments.

Basic Guidelines to achieve reliable explosion protection

Apart from using approved system components, operators have to fulfill a number of obligations to meet the strict requirements of today’s explosion protection directives. If this is not sufficient, there is a number of constructive measures available to reach this goal.

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Central Dust Extraction: Reducing Costs and Risk

If several filter systems and/or movable dust suction extractors are used at a single location, a central dust extraction arrangement might be a good idea.

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Closing the Distance - High Speed Extinguishment increases applicational Flexibility

With Spark extinguishing it is possible to render ignition potential harmless and protect subsequent facilities. A new ultra fast solution reduces the necessary minimum extinguishing distance and allows for a more flexible application.

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Constructive Protection: Suppression and Isolation

Explosion suppression systems by Kidde prevent the generation of high pressures in enclosures.

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Earthing safety in bulk liquid handling

The loading and unloading of road tankers with flammable and combustible products presents one of the most serious fire and explosion risks for site operations within the harzardous process industries.

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EFCE: Honouring a lifetime of work - Bayer pensioner awarded for research and teaching

Leverkusen. Bayer pensioner Mr. Günter Lüttgens has now been awarded by the EFCE, the European Federation of Chemical Engineering, for his commitment and dedication, both as a researcher as well as a lecturer, to the field of electrostatics. The Bayer pensioner received the “International Fellow Award” of the EFCE in the framework of a ceremony in Budapest, Hungary. The honouring took place in the banquet hall of the Hungarian Science and Technology Academy within the scope of the 12th International Conference on Electrostatics. The cooperation of his wife, Sylvia, in carrying out his seminars on electrostatics was also recognised in the laudation. The couple founded the “ELSTATIK-Stiftung” in 1999, which furthers research and teaching in the field of electrostatics. Historical context: In 1954, in Bitburg/Eifel, a fuel storage tank exploded which had serious consequences. The National Metrology Institute (PTB), Germany determined electrostatic charge as the cause and trigger of this explosion which resulted in 27 fatalities and 61 injured persons. This was reason enough for the chemical industry in Germany to study and concern itself with electrostatic dangers. Thus, in 1956 as a young engineer in the department for “Applied Physics” at BAYER, Günter Lüttgens was assigned the task of investigating ignition hazards as a result of electrostatic charge and to develop measures to prevent these. He not only worked on this subject until he retired in 1992 but continues to do so today. Other awards: In addition to Mr Lüttgens, Prof Mark Horenstein of Boston University (USA) as well as Dr Ulrich von Pidoll of the National Metrology Institute (PTB) also received the award. Since 1953, the EFCE has been supporting the collaboration of scientists and engineers in 30 European countries. It represents more than 100,000 engineers of the chemical industry in Europe.
An Article about
Günter Lüttgens
(IND EX® Honorary member)

Explosion in the millhouse

Ferruccio Cerruti, MD of Etea Sicurezza and explosion protection expert in the International contest, was interviewed in order to understand what really happened at the explosion in the millhouse CORDERO.

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Explosion Regulations and Standards

The problem of fire and explosion protection is omnipresent in bulk materials handling. A lot has been achieved in the area of prevention and protection over the past decades, but there are still numerous accidents taking place world-wide …

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Innovative explosion control protects production at Egger Holzwerkstoffe Wismar

As one of the leading manufacturers of woodmaterials, the EGGER Group produces and refines more than five million cubic metresof high-quality chipboard, medium-density fibre-board (MDF) and oriented strand board (OSB) at its 16 factories throughout Europe. The family-run company established in 1961 is expanding globally in its three strategic fields of business – decorative, construction and retail. So it's only natural that the group has given top priority to protection from explosions and other.

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Live Explosions: Big Bang at Powtech

REMBE® GMBH Safety & Control protects plant engineering and apparatus construction in the global industries of food processing, woodworking, chemicals and pharmaceuticals from dust explosions.

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OSHA targets combustible dust

Getting facilities to recognize the problem …

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Professional fire and explosion protection - Finding the ideal degree of protection for employees and production in Plants and Manufacturing Facilities

More and more, fire and explosion protection measures are being developed for the sake of safety and are assuming an increasingly more important role in the manufacturing industry, in companies as well as in public institutions.

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Static Electricity - Understanding, Controlling, Apply

Written by world-renowned experts on the topic with many years of research and consultancy experience, this invaluable book provides the practitioners' perspective, outlining the dangers and benefits of static electricity in industry.

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written by
Sylvia + Günter Lüttgens and Wolfgang Schubert
(IND EX® Honorary members)