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Wolfgang Schubert

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    Weidenweg 15
    04425 Taucha, Germany
    phone +49 34298 673-23
    fax +49 3222 6873-033
    cell +49 171 4080394
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SCHUBERT GMD contact partner | Dipl.-Ing. Polygrafie Wolfgang Schubert
Expert for electrostatics. Publicly appointed and sworn expert for printing processes, printing machines, printability and packaging printing.
Wolfgang Schubert was born in Leipzig in 1952. He is a trained book printer and studied polygraphy in Leipzig. After various managerial positions in the printing industry and in the sale of sheetfed and hybrid printing machines, he became self-employed in 1997 and has also been working in the electrostatics department ever since. In addition to a number of specialist articles, he is co-author of two specialist books on electrostatics. He is the author of the Encyclopedia of Static Electricity, published in November 2022. Since May 2016, he has been publicly appointed and sworn in by the Leipzig Chamber of Industry and Commerce as an expert in the fields of printing processes and printing machines, printability and packaging printing. In addition, he works throughout Europe as an independent expert and trainer in the field of electrostatics. In 2022 he received the International Best Researcher Award for Electrostatics from ISSN in Tamil Nadu, India.

Since 2019 he has been chairman of the ELSTATIK Foundation, which was founded by Günter and Sylvia Lüttgens in 1999. This foundation promotes research and teaching in the field of electrostatics and electrical energy efficiency at universities and colleges.