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    Daimlerring 39
    59269 Beckum, Germany
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    Berthold Bussieweke
THORWESTEN VENT GmbH contact partner | Berthold Bussieweke
Thorwesten Vent GmbH is a company active in the field of explosion protection for grinding and storage of solid fuels (coal, pet coke, alternative fuels, etc), mainly for the cement, lime and coal gasification industry.
Over the years, we have been establishing excellent business relationships with globally operating engineering companies and have been providing explosion protection for coal mill plants, as well as pulverized fuel silos and engineering for 3rd party fabrication and erection of silos.
Explosion Protection for fuel grinding systems
We supply re-closing, re-usable explosion vents, which, if properly positioned, will effectively divert pressure shocks and flame jets from the duct into the atmosphere. The plant is protected against accelerated deflagration propagation in the mill-to-separator duct section. The re-closing feature helps limit the damage in case of a subsequent fire in the bag house, which, if the vents remained open, would be supported by ingress of atmospheric air with its O2.
Explosion Vents for coal plant dust collectors
Contrary to the use of rupture panels, which do not re-close and whose activation pressure cannot be adjusted, our company offers re-closing, re-usable explosion vents. In addition, we offer a new concept, which comprises a baghouse with enhanced pressure shock resistance, reducing the need for explosion vent area.
Explosion doors for pulverized fuel silos
We supply re-closing, re-usable explosion vents for pressure shock resistant silos. Due to the very high efficacy of our explosion doors often less units will be needed than with doors of conventional design. We follow DIN EN 14491 and NFPA 68 standards.
Silo engineering for lacal manufacturing + hardware supply
We supply both the engineering for local 3rd party realisation, as well as complete supply of silos for the storage of pulverized fuels, e.g. for coal dust, lignite dust and petroleum coke dust. Our pressure shock resistant silos come with a flat silo roof. Due to this design, no extra silo platform is needed, as the platform is formed by the roof surface. We select the materials of construction (profiles and plates) with respect to the availability in the country in which the silo is built, be it Europe, the Americas or Asia.