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swissRTec AG
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    swissRTec AG
    Reutlingerstrasse 17a
    8280 Kreuzlingen, Switzerland
    phone +41 71 68680-40
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    Contact Partner:

    Mario Zoelig
swissRTec AG contact partner | Mario Zoelig
Technology has an Address: swissRTec AG provides engineering, process equipment and plants to the international recycling industry. Based in Kreuzlingen, Switzerland but active worldwide, swissRTec is an industry leader for shredding, composite material recycling and recovery solutions.
swissRTec plants and equipment provide solutions for a variety of industries. Wherever there is a need to separate and recover high yield and quality raw material from a composite waste stream, swissRTec has the answer. From the pre shredding and separation of metals from waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE) and copper from printed circuit boards (PCB) to recovering copper hair wires from Auto Shredder Residue (ASR), swissRTec has the technology, expertise, and track record to provide a highly profitable solution that meets your financial and operational goals.

Through the swissRTec approach valuable metal and other raw materials can be recovered and utilized in the production of new goods and materials. With its state-ot-the art technology swissRTec has set a milestone in the field of composite material recycling. swissRTec has a cooperation with the Japanese company Kubota Environmental Services who produce the Kubota Vertical Shredder. This offers a robust pre-shredding step suitable for a variety of different material streams.