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SiccaDania contact partner | Michael Oesterle
SiccaDania is a global engineering company providing process technology to the dairy, food, starch and protein market. SiccaDania has an own innovation center in Denmark for developing and testing her process solutions.
Siccadania has unique knowhow in the field of liquid and dry processing and can offer complete process lines for the following technologies:

✓ Membrane filtration
✓ Pasteurization
✓ Fluid mixing and Liquid Feed blending
✓ Evaporation
✓ Spray drying
✓ Flash drying
✓ Freeze drying
✓ Bag filtration
SiccaDania has proven competence in the engineering of complete process lines and is a global leader in starch processing. SiccaDania has her own work shop for the production of equipment and is pleased to provide complete installation services for new plants and dedicated aftermarket solutions. SiccaDania has her head office in Copenhagen and own offices around the world:

✓ Denmark – Copenhagen and Silkeborg
✓ France
✓ Poland
✓ Germany
✓ The Netherlands
✓ Singapore
✓ China and Hong Kong
✓ Brazil
✓ New Zealand