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REMBE® Research + Technology Center GmbH
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    REMBE® Research+Technology Center GmbH
    Zur Heide 39
    59929 Brilon, Germany
    phone +49 2961 7405-390
    fax +49 2961 7405-399
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    Dipl.-Ing. Roland Bunse
REMBE® Research + Technology Center GmbH | Dipl.-Ing. Roland Bunse

REMBE® Research+Technology Center can test your plant components and materials for you.

Are you using materials or material combinations (dusts, gases and solids), for which you are missing the key explosion properties? Have you developed new applications or procedures, which are not considered in current rule codes?
  • Benefit from more than 45 years of experience in the field of global explosion safety! If necessary, it is also possible to conduct external approvals through nominated bodies which can be organized.

    The following services are offered:
    ✓ Execution of explosion tests (component strengths)
    ✓ Proof of the functional safety of components under explosion conditions
    ✓ Fire tests
    ✓ Arc discharges
    ✓ Pressure tests
Industrial processes and procedures are becoming increasingly complex, and are not absolutely predictable, despite modern simulation methods. Therefore, in many cases, the examination of the processes must be performed under actual conditions, in order to guarantee safe processes. The REMBE® Research + Technology Center provides the option to safely conduct the examination of such processes. With pressure-resistant equipment from 250 litres to 15 m³, it is possible to carry out exothermic reactions, explosions or pressure tests in a safe manner. Component tests with regard to the compressive strength according to EN 4126, or for explosion-proof devices according to EN 14460, can be conducted on the amply spaced testing grounds. Research and development for and with the manufacturers of such assemblies is well within the field of expertise through many decades of testing experience. With very strong connections to globally recognized testing organizations, such as TÜV, Dekra EXAM, GEXCON and others, you'll be provided with the corresponding certificates from the respective bodies after a successful examination.
  • Your media and applications will be examined while considering the following standards:
    ✓ EN 14460 Explosion resistant devices
    ✓ EN 14797 Devices for the explosion venting
    ✓ EN 14373 Explosion suppression systems
    ✓ EN 15089 Explosion isolation systems
    ✓ EN 16009 Devices for the flameless explosion venting
    ✓ EN 16020 Explosion chimneys
Since 1999, the REMBE® Research + Technology Center employees have been actively engaged in national (VDI) and international standardization bodies (CEN TC305 WG3), thereby supporting the standardization with practical aspects. The test requirements of the standards are constantly critically questioned regarding their feasibility and their economic viability.