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Lübbers Anlagen- und Umwelttechnik GmbH
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    Lübbers Anlagen- und Umwelttechnik GmbH
    Am Fliegerhorst 19
    99947 Bad Langensalza
    phone +49 3603 8619-0
    fax +49 3603 8619-99
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    Markus Lübbers
Lübbers Anlagen- und Umwelttechnik GmbH | Markus Lübbers

Custom solutions for industrial processes

We are leading supplier of custom designed industrial processes and manufacturer of specialize in evaporation and spray drying technologies for industrial plants.
Lübbers is a family-owned company for the design and manufacturing of hygienic stainless steel equipment with locations in Germany and the Netherlands. We specialize in evaporation and spray drying technologies for industrial plants in the food, pharmaceutical and chemical processing sectors with a particular focus on the dairy industry. Lübbers industrial process solutions focus on quality, flexibility and customer‘s choice. We have developed an excellent name for approaching each customer‘s needs individually. Leading international companies worldwide have come to rely on Lübbers as a strong, long-term partner in their continual growth and improvement.
Delivery Scope:
  • ✓ Evaporation
    ✓ Spray Drying
    ✓ Cleaning in Place (CIP)
    ✓ Heat Recovery SystemsHeat Recovery Systems
    ✓ Industrial Safety Equipment
Our range of equipment comprises of modern, cost-effective and energy efficient evaporation and spray drying plants or their individual components, which allow the processing of a multitude of raw materials and products. We provide a full spectrum of equipment and services, enabling our clients to produce at the highest quality while complying with the strict health, hygiene and safety rules. Our customers can decide whether to conduct installation by themselves, or whether to have a fully operational plant handed over to them by Lübbers. Besides, we provide engineering packages, process optimization, and comprehensive technical support.