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BSP-Consulting GmbH
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    BSP-Consulting GmbH
    Mühlenweg 27
    38159 Vechelde, Germany
    phone +49 5302 80085-1
    fax +49 5302 80085-2
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    Contact Partner:

    Thomas Bühl
BSP-Consulting GmbH contact partner | Thomas Bühl

Expert in drying technology

Thomas Bühl is managing director of the BSP-Consulting GmbH. He was born in 1967 and works after studying as dairy engineer for more than 23 years in the drying technology.
With his long experiences in project management, engineering, calculations, installation supervision, commissioning and troubleshooting, he is an expert for spray driers and spray-belt-systems (Filtermat). For more than 6 years he works as consultant for the explosion protection of spray drying plants in the dairy, food and industrial sector (from feed preparing systems up to the powder transport systems).
BSP-Consulting GmbH is founded in 2010 and offers a range of services and engineering in drying technologies:
  • ✓ design and calculation of drying units
    ✓ Project managment and commissoning
    ✓ support in projects and negotiations
    ✓ selection of suitable suppliers
    ✓ supervision of installation
    ✓ start-up of drying units
    ✓ creating control concepts and descriptions
    ✓ preparation and carry out experiments incl. product development
    ✓ preparation of expert reports of drying equipment and procedures
    ✓ safety consideration of drying plants
    ✓ creation of explosion protection documents
    ✓ survey of existing plants
    ✓ lectures and training courses in spray and spray-belt-systems (filtermat), drying technology, atomization, process engineering and plant engineering
    ✓ Measurement of process parameter in running processes
    ✓ creation of process engineering drawings (PID)
    ✓ development and optimization of spray drying-, spray-belt- and auxiliary systems
    ✓ preparation of emulsions for many standards and special products of the dairy and food sector
    ✓ troubleshooter in spray and spray-belt-systems