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Bormann & Neupert by BS&B GmbH
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    Bormann & Neupert by BS&B GmbH
    Volmerswerther Str. 30
    40221 Düsseldorf, Germany
    phone +49 211 93055-0
    mobil +49 175 5891246
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    Torben Bulig
Bormann & Neupert by BS&B GmbH contact partner | Torben Bulig

BS&B Safety Systems - Safety is our middle name

Since its inception in 1931, BS&B Safety Systems has become a world leader in explosion protection and prevention systems, with robust sales and distribution networks serving every continent, worldwide.
BS&B began paving the way in explosion protection technology as the original designer of the rupture disk (bursting disk). Since then the company’s portfolio of protection and prevention solutions has expanded significantly. Over eighty years on, now as a fully-fledged international organisation, BS&B operates from locations in North America (USA, Mexico and Canada), in EMEA (Ireland, Netherlands, Germany, UK, Russia, UAE), South America (Brazil), APAC (Singapore, Malaysia, Japan, China, India).

BS&B products and facilities operate in line with all national and international standards and codes. BS&B’s diverse explosion protection solutions have been applied in all industries where combustible dust and gas are present.
Among others, its product range includes:
  • ✓ Chemical Suppression & Isolation Systems
    ✓ mechanical isolation
    ✓ Flame-free™ vents
    ✓ explosion vents
    ✓ spark detection and extinguishing
Among the main industries are:
  • ✓ plastics
    ✓ chemical
    ✓ pharmaceutical
    ✓ grain processing
    ✓ wood processing
    ✓ agrofuels
    ✓ recycling
    ✓ animal feed
Because the BS&B team is committed to exemplary customer service, there is a focus on recommending appropriate and holistic explosion protection solutions for their clients’ needs. To deliver the best service to clients, BS&B are well experienced in offering hybrid technical solutions to manage the deflagration process safety risk. BS&B also offers a risk assessment and testing service for clients to ensure that all their explosion prevention requirements are met. An extension of that service includes decades of tried and tested expertise in pressure safety management, supported by a team of research and development specialists and application experts.

BS&B’s dedicated service includes:
  • ✓ The Design and Manufacture of Explosion Prevention & Protection Technology.
    ✓ Supporting and driving the development of codes and standards.
    ✓ Providing engineering advice and services to owners, operators, equipment manufacturers and engineering consultants and Contractors.
    ✓ Providing field service network support to customers.
    ✓ Process risk assessment in-line with best engineering practices.
    ✓ Providing periodic inspection to comply with codes and standards as necessary.