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František Krejčí

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    Zarami 4077
    760 40 Zlin, Czech Republic
    phone +420 577 011 722
    fax +420 577 011 725
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contact partner | František Krejčí
František Krejčí was born in Zlin Czechoslovakia on 3rd July 1942. He was apprenticed to an electrician in Hodonin. Beginning a skilled electrician, he was employed in Prumyslove stavby Zlin (PSG) a civil engineering company. He entered an study at a Technical college for electricians in Brno specialized for producing and distribution of electric energy.
Later he was nominated as an electrical supervisor for a projects in Egypt, Iraq and Ethiopia. He continued in PSG – International Zlin as a technician, later as an technical manager in PSG – INTE, which executed electrical installations (power, telecommunications, signalisations and controls), mainly in industrial plants and power stations. He left the PSG Group and founded the company INTE in 1998. INTE is a small design, installation and service company specialized for a fire detection and suppression in technology plants, now also on explosion protections. He holds a licence as an Electrical Inspector and an authorization to design and supervise electrical and telecommunication projects. František Krejčí is also member of the Czech Fire Alarm Association, Technical Committee for Fire Alarm Standards in the Czech Republic and a member of the EUSAS Society.