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AREGUS Services
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    AREGUS Services
    Bügelstr. 2
    46045 Oberhausen, Germany
    phone +49 208 3079345
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    Dipl.-Ing. Eckart Hillenkamp
AREGUS Services | Dipl.-Ing. Eckart Hillenkamp
The engineering company AREGUS Services is a highly-qualified consulting company founded in 2011. The main topics are fire and explosion protection, occupational safety, machine safety, process safety, environmental protection and energy management. Our customers are well-known companies in the fields of chemicals, food industry, energy industry, explosives industry, logistics and plant manufacturers.
The importance of explosion protection in the industry is undisputed. This is also shown by the fact that Germany alone has more than 800,000 systems exposed to explosion hazards which are requiring monitoring. This is significantly more than the 650,000 elevators you will find everywhere. The key to success - and success in this case means successful prevention, i.e. the prevention of explosion events - is a comprehensive know-how in the field of explosion protection.

AREGUS Services can help both parties with qualified advice and training. On the one hand, the operators of explosion-proof systems that have to comply with their extensive operator obligations and, on the other hand, the manufacturers of ATEX products that want to offer their customers safe and customized products. The founder of AREGUS Services, Eckart Hillenkamp, has about 30 years of experience in the field of explosion protection at mostly American paint manufacturers and chemical companies.

Therefore, especially in the person of Eckart Hillenkamp, AREGUS Services not only has the technical know-how for explosion protection, but also the didactic skills to present this knowledge in a target group-oriented manner. As an officially certified trainer who has participated on a technically high sophisticated training program on methodology and didactics, he also has the highest degree in the field of didactics, which can be obtained except a university teaching degree in Germany. So for him it is on the one hand possible to present highly complex content to the various target groups of the company in their respective language in a sustainable and brain-oriented manner, and, on the other hand, to involve all groups of the company in a specialist consultation. This makes explosion protection easy and understandable for everyone involved.
  • Some exemplary services are:
    ✓ Comprehensive explosion protection consulting
    ✓ Risk assessment in explosion protection
    ✓ Creation of required explosion protection documents
    ✓ Support in zoning of explosion protection areas
    ✓ Support for the development of safe ATEX products
    ✓ Ignition source analysis

    Conducting training:
    ✓ Explosion protection and ATEX training
    ✓ Experimental lectures on fire and explosion protection
    ✓ Experimental lectures on electrostatics
    ✓ Leadership responsibility and liability risks in explosion protection
    ✓ Explosion protection at the interface to the machine safety directive
    ✓ Tailor-made in-house seminars