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    Dipl.-Ing. Polygrafie Wolfgang Schubert
SCHUBERT GMD contact partner | Dipl.-Ing. Polygrafie Wolfgang Schubert

Independent appraiser for Electrostatics

Publicly Appointed and Sworn Expert for Printing Technologies, Print-Machines Printability and Runnability, Packaging Print
Wolfgang Schubert was born in Leipzig, 1952. He studied print technology in Leipzig and is a trained printer. He became self-employed in 1997 having previously worked in various managerial roles in the print industry and in sales and marketing for manufacturers of web-fed and sheet-fed printing presses. Since then he has also been working in the specialised field of electrostatics, in sales and marketing and also in further education. He has coauthored the specialist publication Static Electricity. In May 2016 he was publicly appointed and inaugurated by the Leipzig Chamber of Commerce and Industry (IHK) as an expert in the fields of printing processes, printing presses, printability, runnability, and packaging printing. He also works as an expert in the field of electrostatics.
Some additional information:
  • Printing processes and their machines:
    ✓ Offset, Flexo, Gravure, Digitalprint, Letterpress and Collotype
    ✓ Risk assessment (print & coating)
    ✓ Investigation of Fire & Explosion
    ✓ Hybride-Label & Packaging Print
    ✓ Static Electricity

    Material investigation:
    ✓ Printability & Surface Eenergy
    ✓ Material Strengths

    ✓ Expertises, Seminars & Trainings
    ✓ Consulting for Preventing Electrostatic Disturbances

Shaping the future of industrial explosion protection.

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