FireEx Consultant GmbH
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    FireEx Consultant GmbH
    Rotenwies 2
    9056 Gais, Switzerland
    phone +41 79 3342477
    skype +41 41 5852466
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    Richard Siwek, M.Sc.
FireEx Consultant GmbH contact partner | Richard Siwek, M.Sc.

Super flexible, pragmatic and focussed on tangible solutions, the experts per se.

When it comes to consulting customers from a global perspective. The company FireEx supports with comprehensive concepts for protecting human life, assets and environment.
FireEx Consultant GmbH is specialized in international advisory activities concerning risk assessment, explosion prevention and protection, explosion protection document etc. The employees of FireEx Consultant GmbH are members in numerous European standardization committees (TC305) and VDI committees. They are authors of a lot of publications and presentations in various technical magazines and symposia. FireEx Consultant GmbH has contributed to many IND EX® activities such as the Symposia in Bangkok, Glasgow, Mumbai, Shanghai as well as the Congresses in parallel to the Nuremberg based POWTECH trade show.

Shaping the future of industrial explosion protection.

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