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    Günter + Sylvia Lüttgens
ELSTATIK contact partner | Günter Lüttgens
ELSTATIK contact partner | Sylvia Lüttgens
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Dipl.-Ing. Polygrafie Wolfgang Schubert
Dipl.-Ing. Polygrafie Wolfgang Schubert
The ELSTATIK-Team: Günter & Sylvia Lüttgens + Felix
vintage 1933, has studied Electrical Engineering, worked about 20 years in the Chemical Industry with main tasks Electrostatic Hazards and started in 1989 independent work on this subject by lectures, expert advices, composing professional articles and reference books. In 2013 he received the “International Fellow Award” of the EFCE in Budapest, Hungary, at the 12th International Conference on Electrostatics.
born 1946, has studied teaching profession on Music and English, teaching at integrated comprehensive schools for about 15 years. She started close co-operation with Günter also in 1989, particularly with regard to demonstration experiments, in this manner confirming Günter’s theoretical considerations, as well as technical writing.
year 2010, is assistance dog for Sylvia in all situations.
Our research area “Electrostatic charging as an ignition source in explosion endangered areas” has long been recognized as an important but often misunderstood subject. Many accidents have occurred because of a lack of understanding. However, in the course of investigations, when no obvious cause could be identified, electrostatics has often been blamed inappropriately. Günter & Sylvia established the “ELSTATIK-Foundation” in 1999, which promotes research and teaching in the field of Electrostatics and Electrical Energy Efficiency at Universities.

shaping the future of industrial explosion protection.

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