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bulkmedia offers information on the web and with printed magazines

SILO WORLD - Das Schüttgutmagazin is the leading printed information magazine in German-language for bulk material handling industries.
This highly reputated magazine provides practising specialists with cross-sector information about the latest trends, developments and solutions in bulk handling technology as well as mechanical and process engineering problems related to production, processing and the transport of all kinds of granular materials, ranging from coarse to powdery. Silo World covers all aspects of the entire world of bulk materials handling. Main topics include conveying, transport, storage and transshipment, as well as processing, conditioning, dosing and characterisation of mineral and organic materials. Important further topics are process automation, energy reduction, measurement and control technology and quality assurance. All these topics are offered on the internet with www.schuettgutmagazin.de.

shaping the future of industrial explosion protection.

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