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B·A·D Group
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    B·A·D Group
    Herbert-Rabius-Str. 1
    53225 Bonn, Germany
    phone +49 228 40072-305
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    Contact Partner:

    Dipl.-Ing. Jens Heuser
B·A·D Group contact partner | Jens Heuser

B·A·D Group – The right way to handle Health and Safety

With some 5000 experts in Germany and across Europe, the B·A·D Group provides support in numerous areas of prevention to 280,000 firms with 4.5 million employees. With that – together with the European TeamPrevent affiliates – B·A·D GmbH is one of the largest providers in the area of occupational safety and company health care.
The B·A·D Group provides advice and support to customers of all sizes in a wide array of sectors in many different countries (Germany, Italy, Slovakia, Czech Republic). The depth of services ranges from individual projects right to complex outsourcing measures. The portfolio has been steadily established with a holistic approach in mind for the health and safety of the employees of business enterprises. The services offered by B·A·D range from fire and explosion safety, right to the management of hazardous substances, hygiene and site inspections. B·A·D experts provide advice and support to their customers for all aspects of occupational safety, to protect employees and business enterprises against loss, personal harm and economic hardship.
As leading provider we are your dependable partner in:
  • Medicine:
    ✓ Occupational medicine
    ✓ Travel medicine
    ✓ Traffic medicine
    ✓ Expert opinion
  • Technology:
    ✓ Occupational safety
    ✓ Risk assessment
    ✓ Fire safety
    ✓ Explosion safety
    ✓ Management of hazardous materials
    ✓ Testing
    ✓ Noise and vibration assessment
    ✓ Construction site health and safety coordination
    ✓ PreSys 2.0 (integrated online occupational safety system)

  • Health Management:
    ✓ Employee Assistance Program (EAP)
    ✓ Skills development
    ✓ In-house operational rehabilitation management (BEM)
    ✓ Risk assessment of psychological stress
    ✓ Organisational consulting - Healthy company
    ✓ Management consultation – healthy company
    ✓ Health promotion
    ✓ Digital health services
The services in the field of explosion protection include, among others:
  • ✓ Comprehensive advice and training in matters of explosion protection
    ✓ Risk assessment explosion protection; Creation of the explosion protection documents
    ✓ Initial testing and recurring tests of work equipment and systems in potentially explosive areas
    ✓ Creation of safety concepts, expert opinions, reports and the performance of consulting services on matters of explosion protection