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    Dipl.-Ing. Jens Heuser
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B·A·D Group – The right way to handle Health and Safety

With 4.300 experts in Germany and Europe, B·A·D Group supports 280.000 companies with 4 million employees in the various fields of prevention, making it, with its European TeamPrevent subsidiaries, the largest European provider of preventive services (occupational health and safety, safety, preventive healthcare).
B·A·D TeamPrevent Group advises and supports customers of all sizes, across all sectors, in many different countries (Germany, England, Italy, Poland, Slovakia, Czech Republic). The depth of its services ranges from individual projects to complex outsourcing measures. The group´s portfolio has been expanded to include a wide variety of propositions in the fields of consulting and training. The services B·A·D offers range from fire protection and explosion prevention to hazardous substances management, hygiene and plant inspections. B·A·D experts will advise and support on all aspects of occupational safety to protect companies and employees from harm, personal suffering and economic hardship.
As a leading provider, we are your reliable partner in:
  • Medicine:
    ✓ Occupational medicine
    ✓ Travel medicine
    ✓ Traffic medicine
    ✓ Expert reports
  • Technology:
    ✓ Occupational safety
    ✓ Risk assessment
    ✓ Fire protection
    ✓ Explosion protection
    ✓ Interior space diagnostics
    ✓ Management of hazardous materials
    ✓ Test object management
    ✓ Testing
    ✓ Sound and vibration assessment
    ✓ Safety and health protection coordinator
    ✓ PreSys 2.0

  • Health Management:
    ✓ Employee Assistance Program (EAP)
    ✓ Skill development
    ✓ Operational integration management (BEM)
    ✓ Risk assessment of psychological stress
    ✓ Organisational consulting - Healthy company
    ✓ Health promotion
    ✓ Digital health services
The services in the field of explosion protection include, among others:
  • ✓ Execution of the explosion protection risk assessment
    ✓ Identification of areas exposed to explosion hazards
    ✓ Assessment of the risk in terms of explosion protection
    ✓ Documentation / recommendation of zoning / documentation in an explosion protection zoning plan
    ✓ Inclusion of protective measures taken for explosion protection
    ✓ Summary documentation including further recommended measures
    ✓ Creating the explosion protection document
    ✓ Initial and recurring inspections of facilities and (electrical) equipment in areas exposed to explosion hazards and on interactions in the workspace
    ✓ Creation of safety concepts, expert opinions, reports and the performance of consulting services on matters of explosion protection

shaping the future of industrial explosion protection.

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