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Explosion Safety: High Speed Isolation Valve – a universal way to protect!

Since 1964, we have been operating in the national and international valve-market under the name of SISTAG. During this time, the company has been responding continuously to the requirements of a growing and at the same time increasingly demanding customer base. Our brand name Wey is worldwide recognized and internationally protected.
In the industry, the name stands for Swiss quality, both with regard to the product and the support we offer. This reputation of the Wey products is based on exceptional functionality and process safety, ease of maintenance and long service life. Our Wey products perform in a broad range of industries & applications. Whether mining, water treatment, food & beverage, chemical or petrochemical industry, biomass, cement or waste handling – whenever fluids, powder or slurries need to be controlled, companies rely on Wey products. Wey products comply with the highest standards of technology. With countless years of experience developing innovative designs we have become recognized for unique solutions to complex valve problems. For this reason we provide our customers from start to finish with satisfaction and a sense of security. This has always been the case. And this will also always be our rule for the future.
In order to protect personnel and process plants in an economical way, an explosion must be isolated at an early stage. Immediate separation of plant areas with the Speed WEYÒHSI valve, which is best suitable for this duty, will transfer the risk to a restricted area. Connecting pipelines of plant components, e.g. silos, mills, dryers, filters and more, where combustible dusts or gazes are processed or stored, can be ideally used to install a valve. The propagation of the explosion is thereby prevented at this position. The installation distance to the detector is determined by scientific programs, which also take various test parameters of the valve, e.g. the size related closing time in consideration.The Speed WEYÒHSI is based on thru gate valve design and therefore offers a fully open and un-restricted bore passage. Movable components are separated gap free from fixed body parts with thermo-plastic seats to prevent any product build-up.

shaping the future of industrial explosion protection.

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