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ProTectum-Prüftec GmbH
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    ProTectum-Prüftec GmbH
    Bahnhofstr. 1
    49565 Bramsche, Germany
    phone +49 5461 70699-0
    fax +49 5461 70699-18
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    Contact Partner:

    Dr.-Ing. Frank Hamelmann
ProTectum-Prüftec GmbH | Dr.-Ing. Frank Hamelmann
ProTectum-Prüftec GmbH specializes in the implementation of organizational and technical requirements in the field of explosion protection. In addition to the preparation of safety studies, the analysis and inspection of the measures implemented are at the center of our work.
  • Dr.-Ing. Frank Hamelmann was born on 14th January 1968 in Bielefeld (Germany). After his safety engineering studies in Wuppertal (Germany) he graduated with a postdoctorate degree. Since then he has been engaged in the subject of explosion protection. Alongside material properties, the requirements for technical equipment and Systems are at the heart of his work. ProTectum-Prüftec GmbH, his engineering Company was established in 1999. Its headquarters are based in Germany near Osnabrück with a recent addition of a US office in Charlotte, North Carolina. Our team of experts works on tasks relating to technical safety in the fields of water law, operational safety, environmental safety and explosion protection.

    Services provided:
    ✓ Complete CE documentation, declarations of conformity, analysis of harmonized Standards for plants in hazardous atmospheres
    ✓ Structural explosion protection for machinery and Systems
    ✓ Explosion protection engineering design concepts for machinery and Systems
    ✓ Definition of inspections and inspection qualifications
    ✓ Performance of recurring inspections
    ✓ Expert Statements
    ✓ Liaison with official authorities
    ✓ Risk scenarios and safety studies
    ✓ Assessment of "domino effects" and chain reactions
    ✓ Safety and commitment for your business