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    Jens Kuhn
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Safe extraction and separation of explosive dust

Course of action at Keller Lufttechnik to adhere to the explosion protection guidelines
ATEX Guideline 2014/34/EU, the German regulation concerning industrial health and safety, totally applies to Keller Lufttechnik, as a fabricator of systems containing potentially explosive zones. Requirements for systems and protective devices for explosive zones are specified in this regulation, for example, which ATEX system category can be used in a particular explosionprone zone. Keller Lufttechnik generates a hazard analysis for dust collection systems in which pre-existing explosive conditions and zones are reported. Based on the information provided, appropriate protective measures will be designed.

Common solutions such as avoiding ignition sources or grounding can provide the basics, as well as installing ATEX approved systems. When the basic measures prove to be inadequate, additional structural solutions can be applied, such as pressure-proof construction with pressure relief, and isolation of connected components.
Extraction systems emitting explosive dust must meet ATEX guidelines 95 and 137.
Keller Lufttechnik offers experienced advice regarding this subject:

Additional information
Is my dust explosive? What types of measures can be taken? Answers and a quick solution can be located on our special website here.