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Dr. Ashok Ghose Dastidar

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    Fauske & Associates, LLC
    16w070 83rd Street, Burr Ridge
    IL 60527, USA
    phone +1 630 323 8750
    fax +1 630 887 5295
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IND EX® Scientific+Technical Committee - Dr. Ashok Ghose Dastidar
Dr. Ashok Ghose Dastidar specializes in Chemical Process Hazards Analyses, Flammable Dusts, Liquids & Vapors Explosion and Combustion Hazards Analyses and Testing and Electrostatic Hazards Analyses.
Recognized as an industry expert, his work has appeared in numerous journals and publications, and he has been a featured presenter at more than 23 conferences. He is on the editorial board of The Journal of Loss Prevention in the Process Industries and is an active member on several NFPA and ASTM technical committees.

Shaping the future of industrial explosion protection and fire safety.

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