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Scientific + Technical Committee Member

Prof. Ulrich Krause

  • Contact Details:

    Otto von Guericke University
    Dept. Plant Design and Process Safety
    Universitätsplatz 2
    39106 Magdeburg, Germany
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IND EX® Scientific+Technical Committee - Prof. Ulrich Krause
Originally an engineer in fluid mechanics and thermodynamics, Ulrich Krause has performed research in the field of dust explosions since 1990.
His further interests are runaway reactions, modelling and simulation of reactive systems and self-ignition of porous materials. Currently, he is full professor of plant design and process safety at Otto von Guericke University in Magdeburg, Germany, and in charge of the Master course „Process safety and environmental engineering“. Ulrich is also a part-time consultant in process safety and editor of a textbook „Fires in Silos“.