In course of the IND EX® Association history there were many conferences, sessions and meetings. Read our documentation / summeries and get an impression about the events.

IND EX® EasyFairs Basel 2015 - Retrospect

On May 6,2015, the IND EX® e.V. conducted an exciting afternoon session on safety measures regarding industrial explosions. The meeting point was the EasyFairs bulk material fair in Basel.

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IND EX® | Bureau Veritas Seminar on Explosion Protection - the review

German based association IND EX® and slovenian branch of Bureau Veritas carried out joined seminar called ATEX-Day in beautiful Radenci, Slovenia

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IND EX® Safety Congress 2014 | Dortmund, Germany - Review

The First German Fire Protection Congress in Dortmund from May 21st to 22nd, 2014 was a complete success. The exciting mix of technically and scientifically high-grade lectures, experiments and live explosion demonstrations was daring, but the intended results were attained.

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IND EX® Safety Congress 2011 | Nuremberg, Germany - the review

The association IND EX® looks back to the 2nd IND EX® Safety Congress in Nuremberg | Germany on October 11 + 12, 2011. In parallel to the international known trade fair POWTECH took place at the Congress Center Nuremberg. We have pleasant memories at the debut of the IND EX® Safety Congress in 2010. Nobody of the organization team and the IND EX® members knew if the concept would work at all. Meanwhile the second successful congress passed, reports Stefan Penno, President of IND EX®. Meanwhile the IND EX® Safety Congress on industrial explosion protection became a vital part of the bulk material fair POWTECH. Nearly 100 EXperts from all over Europe as well as delegates from Brazil, USA, Hong Kong and Australia have been part of this year´s congress.

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IND EX® Safety Symposium 2013 | Krakau, Poland - the review

IND EX® has carried out a remarkable seminar for the Polish Industry. On September, 26, 2013 more than 170 delegates made their way to the beautiful city of Krakau to attend this exceptional seminar.

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IND EX® lecture iNTegrisk Conference - the review

Stefan Penno, President of IND EX® e.V. held a stunning lecture during the iNTegrisk Conference in Stuttgart, Germany earlier this June. His presentation included Risks and Chances in regard to Dust Explosions in Industry. The audience, risk managers from all over Europe and the rest of the world, agreed that this issue, though a niche in a niche, can become pretty central and heavy in consequence within a few milliseconds.

The Bang could be smaller if you use the right protection measures and it could be nearly harmless if you use them in the right way tells Stefan Penno while showing some case studies.

IND EX® Safety Symposium 2013 | Mumbai, India - the review

On October the 10th, 2013 IND EX® had organized - together with German based Vogel Verlag - a special training session for Explosion Safety in parallel to the BulkSolids India.

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Live-explosion demonstration - the review

During the ESMG Seminar in May 2011 in Torino, Italy IND EX®` President carried out a live Dust Explosion Experiment.

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IND EX® Safety Congress 2013 | Nuremberg, Germany - the review

A wide range of high calibre international delegates from the fields of science and industries benefited greatly from the 3rd IND EX® Safety Congress (ISC) on industrial explosion protection at the Nuremberg Convention Center. A total of 80 participants from North and South America, Australia and Europe met on 24th and 25th April at the congress which took part during the POWTECH exhibition. The programme featured numerous internationally renowned EXperts in explosion safety, as well as live explosion demonstrations.

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IND EX® lecture at easyFairs - the review

IND EX®` specialists Wilfried Henze (GreCoN), Hilmar Winkler (Kidde) and Stefan Penno (REMBE®) gave an interesting session on Elevator Explosion Protection during the recent 2011 EasyFairs Schüttgut in Dortmund, Germany.

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IND EX® Safety Symposium 2012 | Shanghai - the review

This was the 3rd IND EX® Safety Symposium in China, and it was the most successful one. For the first time, we invited a local profession as a guest speaker to talk about the current development of explosion regulations in China.

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Explosion protection for insurer - the review

Explosion protection EXperts of the international network IND EX® e.V. organized an event at REMBE® GMBH Safety + Control in Brilon. Members of the global active association IND EX® e.V., which include EXperts from companies such as GreCon, Kidde, DMT, KERSTING, DCM and REMBE® recently invited influential decision makers of key german insurers such as HDI-Gerling, R+V, Basler, Allianz, Aachen/Münchener and AXA to attend an explosion protection seminar at the REMBE® headquarters in Brilon on 13th January 2011.

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