IND EX® Explosion Safety Workshop and Seminar in Mumbai, India - the review

This year‘s IND EX® Explosion Safety Session at Powtech India in Mumbai focussed on Decoupling interconnected Equipment in order to avoid Flame and Pressure Propagation.

October 11th, 2018 was the Day where the Audience received extremely useful Input and Updates from IND EX®-EXperts Aleksandar Agatonovic and Richard Siwek. The afternoon Session was rounded up by Francesca Vincenzi with latest News from modern Approaches towards Protecting Spray Drying Processes.

A dedicated interactive Workshop helped the Delegates to adress their individual Questions to the four Experts. Detailled Solutions were discussed. IND EX®-President Stefan Penno was very happy with the Event. Both, the Powtech India Tradeshow and the IND EX® Symposium were well attended and were giving the Visitors professional Guidance in Safe Powder Handling and Processing. IND EX® will continue supporting POWTECH and hold a Explosion Safety Symposium in parallel to the next Edition in India.

Attached are some Snapshots from the IND EX® Session.


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