6th Edition of IND EX®` Safety Seminar | Shanghai, China - the review

Stefan Penno, President of IND EX® e.V. welcomed the 50 Delegates of this high rank Seminar. He underlined that this was the sixth Edition of IND EX®` Safety Seminar in parallel to the IPB Powder Show and that the German-based Association will continue right next year on October 17th, 2018. Same place, different Topics.

Stefan also explained that IND EX® is financing themselves by Membership Fees and Tickets for their Events. However, Members enjoy free-of-charge Access to all IND EX® Seminars worldwide which gives them an immediate Payback. He asked the Audience to consider becoming a Member and suport IND EX® Activities in Shaping the Future of Explosion Protection.

Here is a quick Browse through the IND EX®-Day in Shanghai:
    1. Richard Siwek introduced Safety-related Characteristics and basic Prerequisites of Explosion Protection to the Audience. Later that Day he gave a brief insight into IND EX® newest Software EXTOOLS®Pro.

    2. Miao Nan from the Northeastern University talked about Safety Inspections.

    3. SSEI`s Sun Shaochen explained in depth the Requirements for Testing Safety Devices in China.

    4. Betty Li of KELLER Lufttechnik focussed on Integrated Explosion and Environment Safety

    5. GRECON`s Ralf Schäckel was sitting between two Chairs: Fire AND Explosion Prevention

    6. Niklas Kitzhoefer of REMBE® helped the Audience by explaining How to protect what kind of Equipment

    7. Singapore-based Felipe Ong of BS&B Safety Systems compared different Components in EP

    8. Just landed from Austria Mathias Göpfert of IEP Technologies flashed the Delegates with his insight into the Design of Suppression Solutions
Shanghai-Expat Niklas Kitzhoefer, running REMBE®`s operations in China, chaired the Session and closed with a Plea to the Audience that they shall support IND EX® Mission and become Members. Two firms immediately signed up.

shaping the future of industrial explosion protection.

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