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    Dipl.-Ing. Polygrafie Wolfgang Schubert
Dipl.-Ing. Polygrafie Wolfgang Schubert
Our research area "Electrostatic charge is an ignition source in potentially explosive areas" has long been understood as an important but often misunderstood topic. Many accidents have occurred due to a lack of understanding. Nevertheless, no obvious cause could be identified in the course of the investigations and the accidents were inappropriately attributed to electrostatics. Günter & Sylvia Lüttgens founded the "ELSTATIK Foundation" in 1999, which promotes research and teaching in the field of electrostatics and electrical energy efficiency at universities.
After the death of ELSTATIK founder Günter Lüttgens, his wife Sylvia Lüttgens also withdrew from the management of the foundation. The ELSTATIK Foundation is managed by Dipl.-Ing. Polygraphy taken over by Wolfgang Schubert.
Günter Lüttkens, born in 1933, studied electrical engineering, was entrusted with the main tasks of electrostatic hazards in the chemical industry for around 20 years and became self-employed in this area in 1989 with lectures, expert advice, the creation of specialist articles and reference works. In 2013 he received the EFCE International Fellow Award in Budapest, Hungary, on the occasion of the 12th international conference on electrostatics. Unfortunately, our longtime honorary member Günter Lüttgens passed away on March 22nd, 2021. Sylvia Lüttkens, born in 1946, studied music and English and taught at comprehensive schools for around 15 years. In 1989 she also teamed up in close cooperation with Günter, particularly with regard to demonstration experiments, and in this way confirmed Günter's theoretical considerations as well as the technical writing.