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    Gexcon AS
    5072 Bergen, Norway
    phone +47 55 57 43 30
    fax +47 55 57 43 31
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    Dr. Kees van Wingerden
Gexcon AS contact partner |  Dr. Kees van Wingerden
Gexcon is leading global consulting company in the field of explosion and fire safety and dispersion of flammable and toxic substances. Gexcon has regional offices in the UK, in the USA, in China, Indonesia, Australia and the Middle East.
The headquarters of Gexcon are in Norway. The services Gexcon offer include:
  • ✓ Accident investigations: Gexcon has been involved in some major accident investigations including Piper Alpha, Buncefield, Danvers, TWA 800, FPSO Cidade de São Mateus and tank farm explosion San Juan, Puerto Rico
    ✓ Testing services: Gas, vapour and dust explosion property determination according to CEN, UN and ASTM standards, large-scale testing of protective systems according to ATEX directive 2014/34/EU and their certification
    ✓ Software sales: Gexcon is the originator of FLACS, FLACS DustEx and FLACS-Fire describing explosion, fire and dispersion processes in complex industrial facilities. These tools can be purchased or licensed from Gexcon
    ✓ Training services: Gexcon offers both open and inhouse training courses to industry. The training courses offered covers a large range of topics but all related to fire, explosion and dispersion of hazardous substances
Gexcon is proud to be associated with IND EX® and Gexcon experts support IND EX® especially by giving lectures at IND EX® symposia and events.

shaping the future of industrial explosion protection.

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