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Chris Cloney

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    B3P 2M4 Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
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Connecting the Combustible Dust Community is a student lead website devoted to reducing the global impact of dust explosion hazards by providing online resources to combustible dust handling industries, regulators, service and equipment providers, and researchers.
Chris is a PhD student at Dalhousie University in Nova Scotia, Canada. He uses computer modeling to study flame propagation in hybrid mixtures of combustible dust and flammable gas, and has a passion for science communication. This passion has driven him to create an online resource for dust explosion prevention, protection, and hazard awareness. The goal of is to reduce the global impact of combustible dust hazards by connecting the dust explosion community. It is an inclusive space where researchers, equipment and service providers, regulators, and industry can connect. Chris is committed to providing interesting and useful content to the dust explosion community and to increase the awareness of combustible dust hazards. Visit the website to find reports on combustible dust incidents, collections of expert opinions on industrial and research topics, and join the weekly email newsletter to receive the latest dust explosion news and other educational material.