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IND EX® Safety Symposium on Industrial Explosion Protection in Shanghai, China - the review

The 7th Edition of the IND EX® Safety Symposium on Industrial Explosion Protection in China took place in Shanghai. Traditionally woven with and always in parallel to the famous IPB Powder Show. Top-notch Speakers like Randy Davis, President of IEP Technologies USA or Felipe Ong, President of BS&B Asia gave close insight to technological Details of their Safety Devices such as Chemical Suppression or Mechanical Isolation. The One Day Session was completed by further Lectures from Professionals like Liu Hongbin (TUEV-SUED), Niklas Kitzhoefer (REMBE®), Aleksander Agatonovic (RICO), Dr. Xia Xiaoping (Shanghai Research Institute for Chemical Industry) or Ralf Schaeckel (GRECON).

Beyond all Richard Siwek, CTO of FireEX Consultants Switzerland presented the latest Update of EXTOOLS®pro. This Software is used by Experts all over the world who want to gain further characteristical Knowledge about the Behaviour of Dusts or Gases in different Situations. EXTOOLS® gives a much better understanding of circumstancial Influences by e.g. changing Temperatures or volatile Oxygen Concentrations. „It makes a clear difference if a Factory has to be protected in the extreme Heights of the Mexican Desert or at Sea Level in Norway“ Siwek astonished the crowd of nearly 50 People. By showing them real world examples and how wanna-be Experts mistook the Situation.

"If they would have used EXTOOLS®pro, such bloody Rookie Mistakes which can cost Lives, but at least cost a fortune to rebuilt damaged Process Equipment“ Siwek adds.

IND EX® President Stefan Penno from Germany advised the Audience to become a Member immediately as this pays back quickly by receiving a free Voucher for EXTOOLS®pro but also free Access to IND EX® Events all over the Planet. Now it is on the Chinese to decide which way they wanna take: „Better the Safe one“ all at IND EX® hope and belief.

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