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IND EX® EasyFairs Solids Tradeshow Russia - the review

The recently inaugarated ultra-modern Expoforum in St. Petersburg Russia opened Doors when EasyFairs Solids Tradeshow and IND EX® Fire- and Explosion Protection Conference knocked.

For the German headquartered and globally active Association IND EX® it was worth making the long way to the City of White Nights. IND EX® President, Stefan Penno, concluded that the Topics of Business Continuity and Loss Prevention are becoming a vital Part of Russias Food, Chemical and Pharmaceutical Industry in order to keep their Money Machines running and avoiding Damages or total Destructions caused by hazardous Gas- or Dust Explosions.

The majority of the Exhibitors and Visitors of the Solids Tradeshow, organized by EasyFairs, supported Mr. Penno’s Expert View: This Exhibition is all about Solids Handling and where Solids are moved Dust develops. Most of these Dusts are combustible and subject to burn rapidly when Oxygen and Energy contribute. In other words they are explosive and can create incredibly high Pressure and Temperatures of up to 1.500 Degrees Celsius.

To prevent this from happening established Manufacturers of Safety Equipment, historically originating from Europe and the U.S., brought Devices on the Market that guarantee reliable and efficient Protection of industrial Processes.

IND EX® has brought some of its Members over to Russia for this particular Event and demonstrated its versatile Knowledge and Experience. All Delegates appreciated this interactive Exchange of Views and Ideas and resumed they will definitely be Part of the Sequel in the future.

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