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IND EX® EasyFairs Basel 2015 - Retrospect

On May 6,2015, the IND EX® e.V. conducted an exciting afternoon session on safety measures regarding industrial explosions. The meeting point was the EasyFairs bulk material fair in Basel.

Renowned experts such as Richard Siwek, CEO of the Swiss FireEx Consulting GmbH, gave lectures such as "Explosion safety yes, but how and why?”. Unfortunately, questions like these are very common in practice, and plant planners - such as operators are often confronted with a mystery regarding the topic: This process or procedure is subject to explosion hazards.

Dr. Jean-Michel Dien, Managing Director of Swissi Process Safety GmbH / CH, provided further answers with his presentation titled "Ensuring safety for the handling of powders by introducing corporate directives".

The input from Sigfrido Tognini (CEO of IEP Technologies / CH), Aleksandar Agatonovic (Head of Business Development & Marketing at RICO Sicherheitstechnik AG / CH) and Felix Paliwoda (GF of PALIWODA / CH) which came directly from practice regarding the protective measures of explosion decoupling, explosion suppression and flameless explosive containment systems, optimally contributed to clearly demonstrating solution options for the more than 25 participants.

“It is now in the hands of the participants to determine the best protection for their system from the knowledge gained, and to actually implement measures, so that humans, machines and the environment are efficiently protected”, summarized the chairman of IND EX® e.V. Mr. Stefan Penno.