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Paliwoda AG
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    Paliwoda AG
    Im Chapf 2
    8703 Erlenbach, Switzerland
    phone +41 44 9105005
    fax +41 44 9104405
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    Felix Paliwoda
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Your partner for explosion protection in Switzerland

Paliwoda AG has specialized in explosion protection for the bulk industry. Paliwoda AG is supplier of components such as valves, feeders, measuring devices etc. for the bulk industry.
The program includes various REMBE® burst panels, REMBE® flameless explosion venting (Q-ROHR® / Q-BOX) and REMBE® explosion isolation (EXKOP®). Not only do we make calculations of the necessary surface for an explosion venting, but together with the REMBE® team, Paliwoda AG can evaluate complete installations / factories and make a proposal for the correct explosion protection. For process safety, we are one of the leading companies in Switzerland, suppling the complete range of REMBE® bursting discs, REMBE® breather valves, and accessories. Paliwoda AG is extremely fast when it comes to answering to an enquiry. Quotations on the same day are no exception, and consultation on-site is always possible. If you do have a possibility of a dust explosion in your plant (or if you’re uncertain about that), Paliwoda AG is the first address you should contact! Better safe than sorry!

shaping the future of industrial explosion protection.

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