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MRC Global (France)
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    MRC Global (France)
    Immeuble Confluence, 23 Boulevard de l‘Oise
    C.S 20515
    95031 Cergy Pontoise, France
    phone + 33 1 307 361 00
    fax + 33 1 307 361 01
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    Marcel Eisenhardt
MRC Global (France) contact partner | Marcel Eisenhardt
Think global, act local - The french connection for more safety. MRC Global is the worldwide leader in the distribution of pipe, valve and fitting products to the energy and industrial markets. Our internal maxim is global reach with a local touch. It speaks to the integrity we bring to every project and every relationship, regardless of scale.
At our core, MRC Global is a supply-chain solutions company. Our talented people connect the world’s best pipe, valves and fittings (PVF) manufacturers with the world’s best energy and industrial companies. We build strong, long-term relationships, and help our customers to extend their supply chains worldwide. “Throughout our 95 year history, we have become experts at navigating the global, PVF supply chain,” MRC Global President and CEO, Andrew Lane said. “By allowing us to concentrate on our core competency of simplifying their supply chain, our customers are able to focus on what they do best - bringing energy to the world.” Operating from 300+ locations worldwide MRC Global distributes products to customer operations in more than 100 countries around the globe. This geographic presence is unmatched in our industry. Especially the French branch, Headquarter located in Cergy-Pontoise near Paris has focused on Explosion protection. With lots of experience in serving French engineering houses and also OEMs and global players like Ajinomoto, Roquette, Swiss Krono … Since 25 years, the MRC Global team around Marcel Eisenhardt has established a great reputation in regard to Industrial Explosion Protection in France. Each Implement of constructive device for the explosion prevention should be bases on an analytical solution.

Shaping the future of industrial explosion protection.

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