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Hobré total analyzer solutions

Hobré is a leader in the design, manufacture and maintenance of on-line analyzers, sample systems and complete turnkey analyzer systems.
The safety and efficiency of powder drying has become increasingly significant for manufacturers operating in the food and feed industry. Manufacturers face a challenge to improve efficiency while keeping their operations continuous, cost effective and, most importantly, safe. The outbreak of fire is a significant risk in these factories, potentially causing serious damage. CO detection is widely used for pre-warning in dryer installation safety systems. Uncontrolled process conditions can cause the product to coagulate and form lumps, which poses a major risk to the dryer’s operation. Hobré Instruments is a leader in the design, manufacture and maintenance of on-line analyzers, sample systems and complete turnkey analyzer systems. Established in 1978, our company provides solutions for worldwide industries such as the pharma, food and powder industry. We have been supplying first-class on-line analyzers for demanding applications for more than 25 years. Ever since the company was founded, we have worked with our clients and partners to create fit-for-purpose solutions. Our system the HICOSYS is the first to combine H2O and CO measurement in one analyzer which provides the control over two key operational goals in the drying process: safety and efficiency. The flow, temperature and humidity are important parameters used in maximizing the efficiency of powder drying operation. Coagulation and lump formation in processed product, caused by undesired and uncontrolled process conditions, pose a large risk to the dryer’s operation and shorten production cycles between cleaning. Moreover, coagulated product is exposed to increased residence times, causing undesired and degenerating smoldering reactions which creates a significant risk of fire and explosion. The combination of accurate and durable measurement of absolute humidity, and the fast and reliable CO detection, makes the Hobré HICOSYS an important key product for worldwide powder producers. Hobré Instruments take responsibility from design to result, are compliance with international (HSE) standards, have a clear focus on quality and low cost of ownership.

Shaping the future of industrial explosion protection.

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