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    Fike® Germany
    Bergstraße 49
    69469 Weinheim, Deutschland
    phone +49 6201 7100 250
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    Christoph von Bila
Fike® | Dipl.-Ing. Christoph von Bila


Fike® Corporation, is a globally recognized supplier of precision-engineered products for Fortune 500 companies and businesses. Fike® manufactures and sells a comprehensive range of pressure relief devices and explosion protection systems such as bursting discs, explosion vents, flameless venting devices. The variety of explosion suppression, isolation and detection and protection equipment and services we offer, enables us to protect a complete process or a single pressure relief valve, and allows our customers to create cost effective protection systems which are tailored to their precise needs.
With over 70 years’ in the business, Fike®’s testing capabilities comprise of the expertise, experience and equipment required to validate that our solutions do precisely what we say they do.

Fike® maintains a comprehensive, 3000 sq. ft. combustion and research testing facility at its corporate headquarters in Blue Springs, MO as well as a unique, state-of-the-art 26,000 sq. ft. remote explosion testing facility nearby. Every day our Combustion Testing Laboratory tests our clients’ process materials from all over the world, and our Remote Testing Facility validates the effectiveness of customer-supplied or Fike®-productinstalled equipment against explosions.

Each of Fike®’s testing facilities serve unique functions in product development, validation and certification for both Fike®’s and our clients’ needs. Fike® tests are conducted under real-world conditions in compliance with ASME, ASTM, NFPA, and CEN standards. By comparison, other manufacturers generally rely on data based solely on computer models and simulations. In addition to a wide range of standardised explosion tests, Fike® conducts specialised explosion application and equipment tests, specifically designed for the customer’s unique industrial environment.
  • These include:
    ✓ Design and performance validation of customer-supplied equipment.
    ✓ Determining explosibility, flammability and ignitability parameters at unique non-standard conditions.
    ✓ Validation of Fike® products when applied to customer-specific operating conditions outside established performance limits.
    ✓ Active participation in the development and validation of international testing standards (ASTM, EN).
    ✓ Offer consultancy and detailed test reports to help prepare customer equipment for certification.