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Donaldson Europe BV
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    Donaldson Europe BV
    Interleuvenlaan 1
    3001 Leuven, Belgium
    phone +32 16 383128
    cell +32 491860716
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    Melina Diaz
Donaldson Europe BV contact partner | Milena Diaz
For over 100 years, Donaldson have helped solve some of the world‘s most complex filtration challenges. We are driven to provide solutions to our customers; motivated to do our best work; and committed to doing the right thing in business and community.
As a global leader in the filtration industry, we pride ourselves on our innovative technologies and solutions, backed by a talented and dedicated team of employees. Leveraging our extensive experience combined with our wide breadth of product offerings, we can help with combustible dust management and control strategy, by proposing dust collection solutions for your processes. Our solutions focus on helping you manage your combustible dust and the attendant risks in your process. To assist process owners in the selection of filtration technologies, in the proper management of combustible dust and in the compliance with the ATEX directives, we need complete and accurate information on all potentially combustible contaminants and the fire and/or explosion mitigation plan(s) that you as a process owner intend to pursue. Once your risk mitigation plan is prepared, we can help review it and integrate our Donaldson equipment into your dust management strategy.

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