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Safety and quality of products; functionality of plants, property and processes; compliance with safety regulations – all of these are key factors determining the success of companies and organisations. On the one hand, they contribute to costeffectiveness and sustainability; on the other hand, they help minimising liability.
Since the revised version of the Hazardous Substance Ordinance was released, concepts of explosion protection and fire protection in plants have gained new impact and demand has increased. Especially the hazard analysis of fire and explosion protection usually allows for certain degrees of freedom. Against the background that the implementation of fire and explosion protection measures in plants requires a high amount of investment, there are considerable economic margins. However, in practice, those degrees of freedom often lead to questions that need to be answered and reveal risks that are difficult to assess.
Those usually include:
  • ✓ Explosion protection – is that relevant to our situation?
    ✓ Hazard assessment of fire protection – which precautions are necessary in addition to those required by building laws?
    ✓ Looking at the planned design: is safe operation of the plant possible?
Our strength is the expertise to answer such queries, especially when it comes to complex processing plants. Our answers take aspects of both safety and profitability into account. Jointly, we will develop a concept of fire or explosion protection that optimally meets the needs of the plant in question – considering the individual circumstances and the protection aims to be achieved. If you have already taken steps regarding the development and optimisation of your concept of explosion protection or fire protection at your plant, we will also be able to support you in implementing the protective measures defined when designing and constructing the plant; why not make use of our expertise when creating your explosion protection document or having the explosion protection of your plant checked according to regulations of industrial safety? We support operators – as part of industrial hazard analyses – as well as manufacturers when assessing the risk of planned plants.

shaping the future of industrial explosion protection.

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