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 Bilfinger Life Science Nutrition GmbH
  • Contact Details:

    Bilfinger Life Science Nutrition GmbH
    Conrad-Röntgen-Straße 1
    24941 Flensburg, Germany
    phone +49 461 505487-0
    visit website
Bilfinger Bilfinger Life Science Nutrition GmbH is the specialist for the food and beverage industry within the Bilfinger Group. We plan, construct, optimize and service Process Technology Systems for manufacturing foods.
One core competence of Bilfinger Life Science Nutrition GmbH is spray drying and corresponding safety technology for applications in the food industry. We are a reliable partner for the construction, optimization and maintenance of spray-drying systems and oversee the entire life cycle of your system. With years of experience, we ensure that your systems are always at the cutting edge of technology and comply with all statutory regulations. In addition to constructing your new plants, we have made a name for ourselves in the dairy industry by modernizing existing plants.
We use the latest technology and our experience in the field of process automation to optimize your spray-dryer equipment in many different application areas, including the following:
  • ✓ Process Security
    ✓ Fail-safe Reliability
    ✓ Data Collection Transparency
    ✓ Energy Efficiency
    ✓ Secured Supply of Spare Parts
    ✓ Detection of Errors