Training modules for industrial explosion protection

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Basics + fundamental

Modul 1

Directives, standards and regulations, technical-physical indicators, potential ignition sources, combustible dust, explosion hazards in industrial processes, accidents, fire protection versus explosion protection
Explosion prevention

Modul 2

Inerting, Ignition avoidance, Electrostatic - the invisible danger, Prevention tips
Explosion-resistant design

Modul 3

Calculation, FEM, Construction and investment
Explosion suppression

Modul 4

Design and calculation, Case studies, Technology, Insider advice
Explosion venting

Modul 5

Calculation criteria, function, applications, technology e.g. flameless venting
Spark detection + extinction

Modul 6

Methods and objectives, samples of everyday practice, engineering advice
Bad explosion engineering - bad examples from the industry

Modul 7

Analysis of accidents | catastrophes, bad examples of daily practice, non-observance of regulations, video session with incident reports

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