IND EX® Safety Symposium Poland

The second IND EX® Safety Symposium will take place in Cracovia | Poland on September 26th + 27th, 2013. On behalf of IND EX® the organization of the event is handled by WOLFF GROUP - a Polish company specializing in explosion safety and bulk equipment for the industry.
First day of the seminar will be dedicated to industrial explosion safety. Topics as ATEX regulations and explosion protections will be discussed. The spectacular end of the first day builds the live explosions demonstration nearby a military area. All guests will be transfered to this place where the following tests will be shown.

Explosion in the vessel protected by bursting disc
Explosion in the vessel protected by flameless explosion venting device
Few explosions with different organic powders in demonstration vessel
HRD bottle activation

During second day, current topics with regard to new bulk process technologies as grinding, screening, granulating and dedusting will be discussed with European EXperts. Last part of this day will be dedicated to explosion and process safety in the industry.

Simultaneous translation (POL-ENG) will be available for all presentations and discussions.

shaping the future of industrial explosion protection.

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