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Explosion isolation or decoupling

Protection measure which prevents the transmission of an explosion from one part of the plant to another (isolation can be effected wilh explosion-prool rolary valves, extinguishing barriers, rapid-action gate a barrier valves or explosion diverters).

Explosion pentagon

explosion pentagon

Explosion Suppression

Explosion suppression detects an explosion at the very beginning and interrupts the flame propagation through the rapid dispersion of an extinguishing medium. The build-up of an unacceptably high pressure is thereby prevented and the explosion limited to the inside of the protected vessels. The prerequisite for this measure is a shock resistant design for the anticipated reduced explosion pressure.

Explosion venting

Protection measure in which the explosion causes the opening of a vent which has been sized such that the pressure and/or burning material can be released to prevent the pressure rising to above the vessel design pressure.

Explosion-proof rotary valve

Special design of rotary valve (number of rotor blades as well as their thickness and gap width) which prevents the propagation of an explosion in the pipe. The rotation of the rotary valve must be automatically stopped in the event of a fire or explosion to prevent the transmission of burning material.

Explosion-resistant design

Design of vessels and equipment such that they can withstand the expected explosion pressure without being destroyed. They may be either explosion-pressure-resistant in which case they will withstand the explosion without any deformation or explosionpressure-shock resistant in which case they may be permanently de-formed by the explosion but will not rupture.

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