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Rapid-action barrier valve

A valve which is automatically closed by the pressure wave from an explosion such that the propagation of the explosion in the pipe is prevented. These are often only effective against an explosion coming from one direction.

Rapid-action gate valve

Rapidly closing gate valve which prevents the propagation of an explosion through a pipe. The valve can be actuated by either pressure or a flame sensor. The rapid-action gate valve is also known as a "slam-shut" valve.

Smouldering agglomerates

Glowing, i.E. flameless oxidising reaction in deposited dusts. Smouldering agglomerates (or nests) can lead to self-heating or can act as an ignition source.

Spark extinguishing system

System which is able to detect sparks and glowing material and to extinguish them by triggering an automatic extinguishing barrier thus preventing their transmission. Most often used: Water (mist) injection.

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