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Ein Hersteller hat einen Vollkunststoff-IBC(31HH) entwickelt, welcher die Anforderungen der künftigen TRGS 727 für entzündbare Flüssigkeiten der Kategorien 1 bis 3 gemäß CLP-Verordnung erfüllt.

von Sylvia + Günter Lüttgens

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Nachruf Felix Teves

Felix Teves

Unfortunately, Mr. Felix Teves, one of our long standing business partners, passed away in August 2014.

He was a reliable partner and supported us in the organization of several events. Thanks to his contacts within the hospitality and entertainment industries and his exceptional planning, every event was a huge success.

He was a warm and friendly person. We thank him for all he has done for us and for the unforgettable moments that we experienced with him.

May he rest in peace.

Toluol - eine oft unterschätzte Brandgefahr


Die Ursachenforschung bei Bränden mit Toluol hat einen Fakt immer wieder zu Tage gefördert: Kommt es zu elektrostatischer Aufladung, sind verheerende Folgen vorprogrammiert. Doch warum entzündet sich die Chemikalie so schnell?

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Nachruf Norber Jaeger

Norbert Jaeger

Sadly one of our functional supporters Norbert Jaeger has passed on September 4th, 2013.

He was a well-known EXpert on industrial explosion prevention and explosion protection. The board of IND EX e.V. and the members have to thank Norbert for all his engagement and creativeness in order to achieve the mission of IND EX e.V.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to his wife and family.
May he rest in peace.

European Federation of Chemical Engineering

Honouring a lifetime of work: Bayer pensioner awarded for research and teaching

Leverkusen. Bayer pensioner Mr Günter Lüttgens has now been awarded by the EFCE, the European Federation of Chemical Engineering, for his commitment and dedication, both as a researcher as well as a lecturer, to the field of electrostatics.
The Bayer pensioner received the “International Fellow Award” of the EFCE in the framework of a ceremony in Budapest, Hungary. The honouring took place in the banquet hall of the Hungarian Science and Technology Academy within the scope of the 12th International Conference on Electrostatics. The cooperation of his wife, Sylvia, in carrying out his seminars on electrostatics was also recognised in the laudation. The couple founded the “ELSTATIK-Stiftung” in 1999, which furthers research and teaching in the field of electrostatics.
Historical context
In 1954, in Bitburg/Eifel, a fuel storage tank exploded which had serious consequences. The National Metrology Institute (PTB), Germany determined electrostatic charge as the cause and trigger of this explosion which resulted in 27 fatalities and 61 injured persons. This was reason enough for the chemical industry in Germany to study and concern itself with electrostatic dangers. Thus, in 1956 as a young engineer in the department for “Applied Physics” at BAYER, Günter Lüttgens was assigned the task of investigating ignition hazards as a result of electrostatic charge and to develop measures to prevent these. He not only worked on this subject until he retired in 1992 but continues to do so today.
Other awards
In addition to Mr Lüttgens, Prof Mark Horenstein of Boston University (USA) as well as Dr Ulrich von Pidoll of the National Metrology Institute (PTB) also received the award.
Since 1953, the EFCE has been supporting the collaboration of scientists and engineers in 30 European countries. It represents more than 100,000 engineers of the chemical industry in Europe.

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