Activities - IND EX® gets involved

IND EX® members get involved in projects and activities in order to enhance industrial explosion safety and a common safety standard. IND EX® offers:

Standardization of the different worldwide norms and safety standards for implementation in the praxis

Research of concepts for the development of new technologies and innovative processes

Further development of standards in industrial explosion protection

Information transfer to operators in handling with explosive media

IND EX® young professionals

You are going to write your Bachelor or Master Thesis about a topic related to industrial Explosion Protection? Let us know and we will make sure the world is listening to you. And some cash support will also flow! Send your proposal today together with input about your University and Tutor. You can contact us here.

Training modules for industrial explosion protection

IND EX® offers customized training for your in-house events.

EXperts from the IND EX®-Network

German, english, other languages upon request

Request your individual non-binding offer

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Apps + Programs

Based on the knowledge about explosion protection, IND EX® supports you and develops useful apps and programs. Apply our knowledge.

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Apps + Programs

Based on the knowledge about explosion protection, IND EX® supports you and develops useful apps and programs. Apply our knowledge.

EXTOOLS® - Know-how available everywhere at any time

EXTOOLS®mobile and EXTOOLS®pro are the universal tools in explosion safety e.g. for safety officers, experts and technical consultants, etc. who must deal extensively with the topic of explosion protection. They based on EN-, IEC- and ISO-Standards as well as on VDI Guidelines and reports, research work, theses, publications and technical books.

EXTOOLS®mobile is an app and consists of a rough compilation of the pro-version features. Please consider EXTOOLS®mobile as a teaser for EXTOOLS®pro.

The app.

EXTOOLS®mobile is separated in the three categories: “ignitability”, “explosion indices” and “equipment”. This app allows the user to estimate the influence of process parameters like pressure and temperature on laboratory characteristics indices. In addition, the user can also calculate the danger of ignition and the equivalents energy of different ignition sources. Also this tool calculates several device related parameters e.g. the gap width, peripheral speed and the Froud-number.

EXTOOLS®mobile runs on all iPhones®, iPads® with iOS 9 or higher and Android.

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The Program.

EXTOOLS®pro is separated in seven categories: “Fuel”, “Explosive Atmospheres”, “Ignition Hazards”, Protective Systems”, “Equipment”, “Volumes and Surfaces” and “Miscellaneous”. With this tool the preventive and, for the most part, the constructional explosion protection can be analyzed in detail. It is possible to evaluate the ignition and explosive behavior of fuels in order to estimate the explosive atmosphere. Based on this knowledge the preventive measures can be defined in order to calculate device resistance, volumes and surfaces as well as to determine various device related parameters.

EXTOOLS®pro runs on all modern Windows® 7 or higher.

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