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INDEX Safety Congress 2018 | Mumbai, INDIA
11.10.2018 02.00 h - 05.30 h
Bombay Exhibition & Convention Centre, Georegaon, - Goregaon, Mumbai
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Parallel to POWTECH INDIA.

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Goregaon, Mumbai

    Your partner for explosion protection in Switzerland

    We are a supplier of components for the bulk industry and have specialized in products for dust explosion safety for and process safety. With Bursting Discs we are one of the leading suppliers in Switzerland. We supply bursting discs for general applications and pressure / vacuum relief valves as well as explosion protection systems engineered for various applications.

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  • MRC Transmark

    Think global, act local - the french connection for more safety

    MRC Transmark is the major international distributor in valves, instrumentation and ancillary flow control equipment, providing technical solutions and added value services through a worldwide network of 45 distribution- and service facilities & alliances with locations in United Kingdom, The Netherlands, Belgium, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Australia, New Zealand, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Oman, Thailand, Singapore and China.

    Especially the French branch, located in Cergy-Pontoise near Paris has focused on Explosion Protection. With lots of experience in serving french engineering houses and also OEMs and global players like Ajinomoto and Roquette. The MRC Transmark team around Marcel Eisenhardt has established a great reputation in regard to Industrial Explosion Protection in France.

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  • Wey by SISTAG AG

    Swiss reliability with high speed isolation valves

    Experts in design and manufacture of industrial valves for high speed isolation offer with SpeedWey HSI the most essential shut-off member in a protection system against pressure or flame in case of an explosion. A self-contained valve, re-usable in no time after an incident.

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  • Frantisek Krejci

    Frantisek Krejci

    Frantisek KREJCI was born in Zlin Czechoslovakia on 3rd July 1942. He was apprenticed to an electrician in Hodonín. Being a skilled electrician he was employed in Prumyslove stavby Zlin (PSG) a civil engineering company. He entered an extramural study at a Technical college for electricians in Brno specialized for producing and distribution of electric energy. Later he was nominated as an electrical supervisor for a project in Egypt, Iraq and Ethiopia.

    He holds a licence as an Electrical Inspector and an authorization to design and supervise electrical and telecommunication projects. He continued in PSG - International Zlin as a technician later as the technical manager in PSG – INTE, which executes electrical installations (power, telecommunications, signalisations and controls), mainly in industrial plants and power stations.

    Frantisek is also member of the Czech Fire Alarm Association, Technical Committee for Fire Alarm Standards in Czech Republic and a member of the EUSAS Society.

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  • DMT

    Your partner for fire AND explosion protection consulting

    Legislation obliges you, as an employer, to guarantee the safety of your employees. This is done on the basis of a hazard evaluation and by way of the measures derived from that evaluation. As regards explosion prevention, Section 6 of the Operational Safety Ordinance requires that the results of this hazard evaluation and the resultant safety measures be recorded in an explosion protection document. The explosion protection requirements that have to be satisfied in business operations are set down for all of Europe in EU Directive 1999/92/EC. Thus it is necessary to determine whether a mixture of fuel and air could arise at the workplace or the immediate environment and thus create an explosive atmosphere that would represent a hazard for the staff. Do processes in your operations liberate flammable substances in the form of gases, vapours, fogs or dust? Is it conceivable that these flammable substances could form an explosive mixture with the ambient air? We can help you evaluate and classify the prevailing explosion hazard. We can assist in identifying and introducing the measures needed to avoid and/or master explosion hazards in your operations. We assemble and summarize the results for you in a clearly organized and easy-to-use explosion protection concept (as the centerpiece of your operational explosion protection document) and in so doing help you comply with legal requirements. As a special feature our service comprises also the assessment in its entirety regarding all issues of integrated fire and explosion safety.

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  • Herding Filter Technology

    Pure Productivity

    Herding dust extraction plants remove contaminants from the air, protecting man and machine. They are also deployed as process filters for material recycling. These plants, which work on the basis of pure surface filtration with the Herding Sinter-Plate Filter, can be found in nearly every market sector including the automotive, chemical, glass, plastics, food, metalworking, surface finishing, pharmaceutical, steel, mining, toner, lime and cement industries. Because the company produces its enclosures, filter media and components in house, it is able to supply complete filter solutions from a single source. Special versions designed for higher resistance to explosion (DEKRA-Exam tested), distributed or centralized dust disposal systems, process filters and silo top filters can be adapted to meet the exact requirements profile of the process and the local facility.

    The Herding Service portfolio includes customer-centric R&D, commissioning, after-sales service, maintenance and repair. We also offer ATEX safety engineering training and training on control and handling of our filter systems. Herding is also well experienced in designing Filter equipment with integrated Explosion Protection Measures such as Suppression or Venting.

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  • Dr. Dirk Oberhagemann

    Dr. Dirk Oberhagemann

    From 1985 - 1988, Dr. Dirk Oberhagemann worked as scientific employee in the working group „Physical - chemical process engineering/safety technology“ of the University of Dortmund. In this position he was responsible for different projects in the field of process safety. The main aspect of the work was the preventive explosion protection. This work was concluded in 1988 when he obtained his PhD for his work on autoignition temperatures of mixtures. The organisation of research projects was continued in 1988 at the DLR in Bonn and at the German Federal Ministry for Research and Technology.

    From 1989 to 1994 he was responsible for the management of the research programme „Safety research and technology“ on behalf of the BMFT at the VDI in Düsseldorf. „Transfer of results from standardisation in the field of explosion protection to industry - especially SMEs“ with 8 organisations from 7 countries and “Safetynet – A network on Process Safety” with 33 funded members and 71 non funded members from 20 countries and the network “S2S – A gateway of Plant and Process Safety” with 40 members. Furthermore he organised the first Internet-Conference on Process Safety and the International ESMG Symposiums on Process Safety and Industrial Explosion Protection. He is member of the scientific committee of the German association of fire protection (vfdb) and is co-ordinating research projects for vfdb like “Risks associated with major public events – Planning, assessment, EVAcuation and rescue concepts”.

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  • Kitzmann Gruppe

    Turn key material handling systems with incorporated explosion safety

    The company Kitzmann Gruppe was founded in 1972 in Lengerich near Münster (NRW). Our performances are process machinery and equipment for Plastic Industry, Chemical Industry, Additiv Manufactures. We are specialists in design, manufacturing and commissioning of turn -key plants with process equipment for compounding, mixing, dosing weighing, filling. We are able to design and manufacture complete material handling systems or special parts of them for all kinds of bulk especially powder. As a qualified specialist company for explosion protection in accordance with Directive 94/9/EC we ensure the safety of your processes and operations. We are authorized in final inspection, commissioning and acceptance test for the equipment with general risk-prevention obligation in the explosion protection based on ATEX 137 / BetrSichV §§14(1-3),15 + Anhang 4 Teil 1 Nr. 3,8.

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  • Fauske & Associates, LLC

    World leader in nuclear and chemical process safety

    Founded in 1980, Fauske & Associates, LLC is the world leader in nuclear and chemical process safety. They offer testing and consulting services such as Dust Explosion Testing (KSt and Pmax), Minimum Ignition Energy (MIE) or DIERS Vent Sizing. Fauske`s staff is committed to total quality and is recognized worldwide for phenomenological modeling, related to the prevention and accommodation of chemical and nuclear power accidents. Advanced training and research in physics, chemical engineering, mechanical engineering, nuclear engineering, computer science and other fields facilitate an effective team approach.

    Corporations recognize the need for assistance from experts uniquely qualified to work with the complexities of nuclear and chemical systems. They recognize the integrity of a firm willing to accept responsibility for the results of its work up to and through industrial application. In short, they recognize the need for technical minds to solve technical problems.

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  • Ventilatorenfabrik Oelde GmbH

    We make air work for you

    Ventilatorenfabrik Oelde GmbH, also known as „Venti Oelde“, a plant and component constructor, offers a wide range of products and services for the collecting, handling and filtering of air, vapours, gases, dust and airborne particulate matter. The manufacturing program includes ventilating with 80 years experience, heat recovery plants, surface technology, and recycling systems and plants with the aim of environmental protection, as well as dust collection plants and air-conditioning with 50 years experience.

    Depending on the requirements of the application Venti Oelde manufacture plants and systems in accordance with the directives of ATEX. The maintenance, upkeep, checking, repair, upgrading, rationalisation and extension of plants complete the available services.

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  • Newson Gale

    Leading the way in hazardous area static control

    For over 25 years, Newson Gale has been leading the way in hazardous area static grounding control, serving industries where processes generating static electricity have the potential to ignite flammable or combustible atmospheres. In many branches of industry, hazardous (explosive) atmospheres exist due to the presence of flammable liquid vapors, gases, dusts and fibers. No matter how the explosive atmosphere is classified, it is vital that all potential ignition sources are eliminated, and Static Electricity is perhaps the most insidious of them all.

    Static Electricity is generated in industry by virtually all operations and processes involving movement - for example product transfer, mixing and size reduction. Fires and explosions can occur owing to uncontrolled static discharge from plant, people and materials, and these commonly result in civilian injuries and fatalities, as well as significant financial losses in direct property damage and plant downtime.

    To help control these risks, Newson Gale offers a wide range of static grounding and bonding equipment which is designed to provide optimum safety in explosive atmospheres and other hazardous operating environments. The Newson Gale® range prevents static charge accumulation by using practical and innovative design, and ensures effective static control. Use Newson Gale® equipment to control static electricity in hazardous areas.

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    WOLFF GROUP is a dynamic Polish company which for over 20 years has supported the development of many branches of industry - from the energy, chemistry and pharmacy, to food and wood industry.

    In 1994 TESSA was established with the task to provide support to industrial plants in Poland in the area of process and explosion safety and in developing their production technology. This provided foundations for the emergence of WOLFF GROUP which currently consists of two companies: TESSA and ATEX. The areas of their operation are complementary enabling us to offer comprehensive solutions to our customers. Explosion safety has been a key area of our operations for two decades. Throughout that time we have surveyed and protected hundreds of pieces of industrial equipment and systems, which in many cases contributed to the avoidance of serious accident consequences. Today, we are one of the most experienced companies in that domain in Europe, and we share our knowledge in many training courses and conferences.

    The works offered in explosion safety area include:

    • DESS – Dedicated Explosion Safety System - is a comprehensive software for adaptation of equipment, systems and the whole industrial plants to the requirements of the binding regulations. The DESS comprises all of the major activities set out by the ATEX Directive, including identification and assessment of hazards, prevention through explosion risk minimisation, limitation of explosion consequences to a safe level.
    • ATEX Case Studies / ATEX Training
    • Explosion Protection: Explosion Damping, Explosion Relief (Venting) and Explosion Decoupling (Isolation)
    • Electrostatic Earthing
    • Fibre-Optic Temperature Measurement
    • ATEX Ventilation and Dedusting Systems
    • A unique demonstrations of explosions and protective systems

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  • Steinar H. Sunde AS

    Advisors for Industrial Explosion Protection in Norway

    Steinar H. Sunde AS is relating to the Norwegian offshore and onshore oil industry. With engineering and distributing Explosion Protection Solutions since 2003, Sunde AS serves the Norwegian industry which handle solids and create dust from metal or organic materials. Steinar H. Sunde AS has delivered Explosion Protection Equipment to major customers in Norway who deal with production of Ferro Mangan, Sewage Treatment, Wood Processing and Food Production. They also carried out projects which in turn were meant for export from Norway to the Far East.

    Meet with Sunde's Engineers when they participate with mini-exhibitions of Explosion Protection Equipment on different seminars

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  • Nova Protection Systems

    Protecting people and property in hazardous industries

    Nova Protection Systems Pty Limited is a privately owned Australian company incorporated in 1992. The company's prime area of business is the protection of industrial processes from damage or destruction due to explosion, hence they call themselves "Industrial Explosion Control Engineers". Nova is unique within industry in Down Under as they provide a complete solution to Explosion protection including consulting, design, manufacture, installation, commissioning and maintenance.

    And: Nova is the only Australian based manufacturer of Explosion detection and suppression systems and has many international affiliations. They can provide tailor made solutions to individual processes.

    Nova's knowledge is practical and first hand. Experience, research and reference data provides them a formidable design base for our customers. Their customer base is extensive and includes many "Blue Chip" industry leaders in the fields of Food Ingredients, Pharmaceuticals, Building Materials, Energy, Coal Handling, Packaging, Chemicals and the Dairy Industry. Nova has International affiliations and agreements with World Leaders in fields associated with Explosion protection.

  • Arnold & Porter Kaye Scholer

    Your ultimate legal support for IP, regulatory, commercial and product liability issues.

    Arnold & Porter Kaye Scholer LLP offers renowned regulatory expertise, sophisticated litigation and transactional practitioners, and leading multidisciplinary practices in the life sciences, financial services and manufacturing industries.

    Our Frankfurt office is ideally situated to assist both domestic and multinational companies. When it comes to resolving matters of critical importance, leading financial institutions, public and private companies, public authorities and individuals rely on us to successfully navigate deals or disputes in Germany.

    Working collaboratively with our other offices in Europe, the US and Asia, our team offers a multijurisdictional, cross discipline and flexible approach to our clients‘ issues. We provide the coverage, capabilities and deep industry-specific knowledge that clients in the financial services, life sciences, energy, technology and economically vital sectors of the world economy demand. Clients trust us to provide in-depth innovative legal solutions to their most complex, business-critical transactions and disputes in the following areas of practice:

    • Antitrust and Competition
    • Corporate and Finance
    • Commercial Disputes
    • Bankruptcy & Restructuring
    • Labour and Employment
    • Intellectual Property and Technology
    • Tax

    In addition to their quality client service, our lawyers regularly produce publications and participate on key German and European Working Committees that educate and inform the wider legal industry on relevant developments, key issues and emerging trends within our various practice areas.

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  • Karsten Frese

    Karsten Frese

    I´m working since 2004 in machine building industry. Main application was screening of grain, organic and inorganic materials, later milling of grain, organic and inorganic materials.

    All the time explosion protection was an important theme to explain to the customer and solve with the customer. To be in this workshop is very important to be updated and skilled to support the customer with the newest information and to find the best way for his application.

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  • AEP Zimmer Ingenieurgesellschaft mbH

    Your partner from planning to realization

    We plan and project system solutions for plant engineering in explosion hazardous areas and/or with explosion hazardous material.

    We attend to your project from the conception to the operative implementation to the target achievement.

    • Consulting
    • Planning
    • Development / tender
    • Determination of dust and gas combustion and explosion parameters
    • Explosion protection in accordance with the Atex directive 94/9/EC as well as the Atex directive 99/92/EC and the Ordinance on Industrial Safety and Health (Betriebssicherheitsverordnung) § 6
    • Industrial robots in ex design, Partner of Kuka, Fanuc, Yaskawa, ABB

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  • Thorwesten Vent GmbH

    Thorwesten Vent GmbH specialises in explosion venting

    Explosion venting and and pressure shock resistant design, especially the designs of silos in which an explosive atmosphere can form. Another specialty is the explosion protection of indirect firing fuel grinding systems.

    Thorwesten Vent GmbH offers a complete range of self re-closing explosion vents. This range includes explosion diverters with self re-closing venting element, for the protection of systems in which explosion propagation can take place.

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  • BBA

    Certain industrial processes produce particles, powders and dust that are combustible and explosive

    As a result, most installations present fire, flash fire and explosion hazards. Yet these hazards are generally little known and can lead to catastrophic accidents. Managers and supervisors are responsible for ensuring worker protection and plant longevity through compliance with regulatory requirements and by taking the appropriate measures to safeguard buildings and equipment. BBA holds cutting-edge expertise in this field and provides progressive services adapted to client needs, from technical assistance with risk assessments to comprehensive handling of installation upgrades and management of day-to-day risks. Our firm helps clients comply with statutory requirements – both NFPA and ATEX – by providing preventive solutions and by working with them to prioritize short- and medium-term actions.

    For over 35 years, BBA has been offering a wide range of consulting engineering and project management services, from project definition to commissioning. The firm’s expertise is recognized in the fields of energy, mining and metals, and oil, gas and biofuels. BBA relies on a team of seasoned experts to transform complex problems into practical, innovative and sustainable solutions. BBA multidisciplinary engineering capabilities and the invaluable work of our shareholders in seeing projects through to final delivery and commissioning ensures exceptional service to our clients.

    BBA is supported by a network of offices across Canada to better serve its clients and carry out mandates at the local, national and international levels.

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  • Markus Eckert

    I´m working as a machine building engineer since 1997. Main application is milling of grain as well as organic and inorganic materials. All the time explosion protection is an important theme.

    I advise clients during the planning phase regarding the implementation of the required explosion protection measures in accordance with the valid guidelines, national laws and specific customer needs.

    In 2000 we performed a lot of basic explosion test series with a complete grinding system, followed by several individual test series with different hammer mills and feeding systems. The aim was to test the shock pressure resistance, the flameproofness and the use of various types of pressure relief devices under practical conditions.

    To participate in this workshop is very important for me in order to get updated and to improve my skill in order to be able to support the customers with the newest information and to find the best solutions for their specific applications.

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  • Swissi

    TÜV SÜd Process Safety

    Since more than 30 years TÜV SÜd provides services in the fields of Explosion Protection and Static Electricity based on:
    • acknowledged standards
    • long time industrial experience
    • frontline development

      Our Services include:
    • Testing (Explosion characteristics determined in out laboratory, certified according to ISO 17025)
    • Consulting (Protection Concepts, Risk Analysis, Explosion Protection Documents)
    • Training (Regular public Courses, In-house Training with customer specific content)

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  • TRM Filter

    We depend on you to challenge us for perfection in dedusting.

    At TRM Filter we are committed to perform Perfection in Dedusting. Strong customer relations and a focused result-driven team are the back bone to harvest from our competence and innovation for you.

    To deliver on our commitment we nurture our three critical sources to perfection. We honor our customer relations. We started our business as a filter cartridge manufacturer in 1982 and later grew into the filter systems’ approach with the support and stimulus of the people who built Slovenia’s emerging top-tier pharmaceutical and chemical operations. With their challenges we built our team. We owe our competence to the fast paced evolution of themes with them. From challenging spatial requirements, ease of use and maintenance to the ATEX and containment requirements.

    From our traditional involvement with filter cartridges and filter materials, as well as our exposure to filter systems’ life cycle performance we felt the potential for new performance levels in dedusting filter systems. The steady and loyal exchange of views and observations between our customers and our team crystallized the goals to our innovation.

    We developed an all new and proprietary advanced cleaning mechanism for a smooth and effective cleaning of filter cartridges from moist and sticky dusts. We pioneered the Rotatronic, smart filter cleaning technology to maximize filter cartridge life time and – more importantly – render cartridge performance foreseeable.

    As competence never resides on a company’s server landscape but in the actions and mind-set of the people at work, we were blessed for being an organically growing company, managing core value generation in design, engineering, assembly and validation in a concentrated team. All of us at TRM Filter are empowered to strive for perfection.

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  • VVUU

    Research, Testing, Laboratories, Measurement, Products and Certification ... all for your safety of operations

    For more than 60 years we have been helping you to assess and decrease risks of fire and explosion. Moreover we have been doing our best to ensure safety of your plants, technologies and products.

    We are a leading company in its field on the Czech market, we are a company with modern and complex laboratory, testing, developmental, manufacturing and storing premises. We have had a long-term experience in the field of assessing risks of fire and explosion, research and manufacturing of special ventilation and safety products for mining and industry; certification of particular products, special laboratories and accredited testing laboratory.

    Our Experimental galleries in Štramberk are unique in the Europe is able to carry out issues of explosion and fire prevention within its research, testing and commercial activities. There have been tunneled three experimental galleries in limestone rock mass with length 300 m and profile from 4,7 to 20,6 m².

  • Bilfinger GreyLogix

    Bilfinger GreyLogix foodtec GmbH is a qualified partner for constructing plants and systems for automation of process-technological plants

    Our sound process knowledge and our first class process control solutions ensure economic and safe operation of our customers‘ technological plants.

    The food processing industry is one of our mayor lines and a core business within the Bilfinger GreyLogix GmbH group. As far as production in this area is based on the process control system PCS 7 we can offer services for all project stages comprising design and engineering, assembly, maintenance and retrofit. In addition to these efforts, Bilfinger GreyLogix also implements such relevant solutions like building system automation, energy concepts and logistics solutions. Process optimisation – both horizontal and vertical – should clearly be emphasised here and MES (Manufacturing Execution System) becomes a key subject. Solving the problems related with products tracing und tracking, implementing the obligation to prepare supporting documents (acc. to FDA claims), operating data logging and preparation (reporting) etc. definitely are our main tasks in this regard. Working for well-known companies within the dairy and beverage industry or producers of ketchup, cocoa and starch, Bilfinger GreyLogix was able to earn a lot of experience and quite a number of references.

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  • BSP-Consulting GmbH

    Expert in drying technology

    BSP-Consulting GmbH is founded in 2010 and offers a range of services and engineering in drying technologies:
    • design and calculation of drying units
    • personal responsibility for procedural and commercial project management incl. care construction, installation, commissioning and all commercial negotiations
    • support in projects and negotiations
    • selection of suitable suppliers
    • supervision of installation
    • start-up of drying units
    • creating control concepts and descriptions
    • preparation and carry out experiments incl. product development
    • preparation of expert reports of drying equipment and procedures
    • safety consideration of drying plants
    • creation of explosion protection documents
    • lectures and training courses in spray and spray-belt-systems (filtermat), drying technology, atomization, process engineering and plant engineering
    • survey of existing plants
    • measurements in difficult access areas with a wide range of measuring (air volume, pressure, temperature, humidity (in air up to 180 °C), quantity distributions, wall thickness, surface roughness, velocity and much more.
    • creation of process engineering drawings (PID)
    • development and optimization of spray drying-, spray-belt- and auxiliary systems
    • troubleshooter in spray and spray-belt-systems
    • preparation of emulsions for many standards and special products of the dairy and food sector

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  • Fraunhofer ICT

    Fraunhofer Institute for Chemical Technology ICT

    At the Fraunhofer ICT in Pfinztal over 540 employees carry out research and development work in the fields of energetic materials, energetic systems, applied electrochemistry, polymer engineering and environmental engineering. The total area of the institute in Pfinztal is 200,000 m². This includes 25,000 m² of laboratories, offices, pilot plants, workshops, test stands and other facilities. This exceptional research infrastructure, which includes high-volume pilot plants and industrial-scale equipment, enables the institute to develop and implement new materials, processes and products up to near-industrial level. State-of-the-art laboratories, and all the necessary testing and analytical processes, are available for our research work. The Fraunhofer ICT has a close working relationship with numerous universities and colleges, especially with the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology KIT. Fundamental and application-oriented knowledge is utilized and further developed in hundreds of projects each year. The Fraunhofer ICT supports its clients and project partners from the original idea to the prototype phase or even to small-series production, according to their requirements. Clients and project partners are mostly from the automotive and transport sectors, as well as the fields of energy, environment, defense, security, and chemistry and process engineering.

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  • Hobre

    First-class CO detection and H2O analysis

    We have been supplying first-class on-line analyzers for demanding applications for more than 35 years. Ever since the company was founded, we have worked with our clients and partners to create fit-for-purpose solutions.

    Hobré solutions for the food industry cover CO detection and H2O analysis with the aim to improve safety and efficiency in powder production processes. Our engineering, production and service teams are made up of knowledgeable, experienced engineers who design and construct high-quality analyzers. Continuous development helps us constantly innovate and detect market needs.

    Other than the food industry, our analyzers cover applications in the upstream, midstream and downstream oil and gas sector, as well as the (petro-) chemical, power generation and steel industry.

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  • Luebbers

    Leading supplier of custom designed industrial processes and manufacturer of hygienic stainless steel equipment

    We are leading supplier of custom designed industrial processes and manufacturer of hygienic stainless steel equipment with locations in Germany and the Netherlands. We specialize in evaporation and spray drying technologies for industrial plants in the food, pharmaceutical and chemical processing sectors with a particular focus on the dairy industry.

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