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4. Deutscher Brand- und Explosionsschutzkongress
07.11.2018 - 08.11.2018 
Kongresszentrum Westfalenhallen Dortmund GmbH - Dortmund | Germany
Symposium | Congress


Eine Erfolgsgeschichte wird fortgesetzt: Der Deutsche Brand- und Explosionsschutzkongress findet zum vierten Mal in Dortmund in den Westfallenhallen statt. Termin ist der 07. November 2018. Parallel läuft die Messe "SOLIDS Dortmund 2018" und bietet somit den perfekten Anlass, Theorie und Praxiswissen in weniger als 2 Tagen in Dortmund zu aktualisieren.

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Am 08. November 2018 steht eine Exkursion zur Dasa – Arbeitswelt Ausstellung in Dortmund auf dem Programm.

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Hinweis: Dieses Seminar findet unter den Chatham-House-Regeln statt, d.h. es ist den Teilnehmern die freie Verwendung der erhaltenen Informationen unter der Bedingung gestattet, dass weder die Identität noch die Zugehörigkeit von Rednern oder anderen Teilnehmern preisgegeben werden.

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Rheinlanddamm 200
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Dortmund | Germany
  • BS&B Industrial Protection Devices

    BS&B Industrial Protection Devices - Combustible Dust Risk Management Experts

    Founded in 1897, BS&B has over 120 years of safety engineering experience. BS&B Safety Systems are a global designer and manufacturer of explosion prevention and protection technology, supplied from 8 manufacturing facilities located around the world, with its headquarters located in Limerick, Ireland.

    A hybrid of technical measures is usually reuired to manage an explosion process safety risk. The technology employed in explosion management can be divided into passive and active. The primary passive technical solution is Explosion Venting (also known as Explosion Panels). Active safety systems, which require one ore more sources of energy to function are led by Explosion Suppression technology. Spark detection and Extinguishing Systems are an active prevention technology designed to detect and eliminate 'hot spot' sources of ignition entrained in a process flow that could lead to fire or explosion.

    BS&B Products include:

    • Explosion Venting
    • Indoor / Flameless Venting
    • The SparkEx Spark Detection System
    • Chemical Suppression
    • Chemical Isolation
    • Mechanical Isolation

    BS&B safety solutions for cobustible dusk risk management protect tens of thousands of industrial processes, accumulating hundreds of millions of hours of safe plant operation. Our technology contributes to essential personnel safety as well as providing protection of production assets that can be destroyed ion a flash by a dust explosion.

    • visit website
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  • GreCon

    Spark Extinguishing at its Best

    Filters may burn or even explode because of sparks within exhaust ducts. GreCon Spark Extinguishing Systems are designed to prevent this. They detect small sparks within the ducts and extinguish them in a split second. Spark sensors detect the infrared radiation of glowing particles.

    Immediately, a dense water mist spray which extinguishes passing sparks is created in a specified distance downstream from the spark sensors. The production process can continue without interruption during the whole procedure.

    Spark extinguishing systems are amongst the most efficient fire protection systems as a result of their highly-developed technique and their reliability. The use of these systems for various applications is even prescribed by the employer's liability insurance associations and by national factory inspectorates.

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  • Keller Lufttechnik

    Course of action at Keller Lufttechnik to adhere to the explosion protection guidelines

    For Keller Lufttechnik as fabricator of systems with explosive zones, the ATEX guideline 2014/34/EU resp. the german realization by means of the german ordinance on industrial safety and health is absolutely relevant. Requirements to systems and protective systems for explosive zones are described here (for example which ATEX system category in the respective explosive zone may be used). Keller Lufttechnik creates a “hazard analysis” for dust collection systems in which the preset explosive characteristics and zone divisions are reported. Originating therefrom, explosion protection measures are designed for the dust collection system.

    Basis are generally measures to avoid ignition sources like for example potential equalization and utilization of systems with suitable ATEX category. When this is not sufficient, additional constructive explosion protection measures like pressure-proof construction with pressure relief and decoupling of connected components are taken into consideration.

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  • BAD

    BAD Group - The system for your safety

    With 3,000 experts in Germany and Europe, the B•A•D Group supports 250,000 companies with 4 million employees in the various fields of prevention, making it, with its European TeamPrevent subsidiary, the largest European provider of preventive services (occupational safety, health, safety, human resources). The depth of its services ranges from individual projects to complex outsourcing measures. The Group's portfolio has been expanded to include a wide variety of propositions in the fields of consulting and training. B•A•D has featured on the 100 best TOPJOB companies list for small and medium-sized companies in Germany since 2006.

    Our services in the field of explosion protection include, among others:

    • Execution of the explosion protection risk assessment
    • Identification of areas exposed to explosion hazards
    • Assessment of the risk in terms of explosion protection
    • Documentation | recommendation of zoning | documentation in an explosion protection zoning plan
    • Inclusion of protective measures taken for explosion protection
    • Summary documentation including further recommended measures - Creating the explosion protection document
    • Creating the explosion protection document
    • Initial and recurring inspections of facilities and (electrical) equipment in areas exposed to explosion hazards and on interactions in the workspace, Electro thermography Creation of safety concepts, expert opinions, reports and the performance of consulting services on matters of explosion protection

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  • IEP Technologies

    Experts for comprehensive Explosion Protection

    IEP Technologies, the HOERBIGER Safety Solutions Company, is the worldwide leading provider of explosion protection systems and services. Headquartered in Marlborough, Massachussetts, USA, it operates through locations in more than 50 countries. A dedicated team of application engineers, sales managers and service technicians designs and services advanced safety systems that ensure reliability and efficiency in protecting IEP Technologies customers employees, facilities, and the environment from the devastating effects of industrial explosions.

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  • Rico SAFETY AG

    Rico SAFETY Know-how for safety

    Since 1988 Rico SAFETY AG has been developing, manufacturing and selling products which effectively prevent the spread of explosions in industrial installations and seal air ventilation ducts 100% gastight.

    The explosion isolation valves VENTEX ESI, the explosion isolation slide valve RICO SLIDE VALVE RSV and the two gastight butterfly valves RAPIDO and QUADRO are some of our most important products. All products are available in various nominal widths and can be customised to meet special requirements.

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    Nestlé is the leading Nutrition, Health and Wellness company.

    We enhance lives with science-based nutrition and health solutions for all stages of life, helping people care for themselves and their families. We offer healthier and tastier choices at every stage of life, at every time of the day. Nestlé Research and Development is made up of fundamental research along with product technology and development. We have one of the largest R&D capabilities in the industry, employing more than 5,200 people worldwide.

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  • REMBE GmbH

    Continuous excellence in explosion protection

    For 40 years REMBE® has been developing, manufacturing and selling top of the range explosion protection systems and safety products from the headquarters in Brilon, Germany. REMBE`s unique teams a highly motivated crew of 100 people comprising both, skilled craftsmen and degreed engineers. REMBE® explosion protection systems safeguard all kinds of industries.

    OEMs and customers all over the world appreciate the quality made in germany and the highly innovative spirit. REMBE® is renowned as the inventor of flameless venting or fast-acting pinch valves for explosion isolation just Made to name a few.

    REMBE® safety products are manufactured in accordance with and meet the codes of national and international certifications, standards and norms, i. e. NFPA, ASME VIII, ATEX, DIN-EN ISO 4126-2, - 4126-6, AD2000-Merkblatt A1, PED, Promtomnadzor, GOST-R, GOST-K, CML, KOSHA, API, BS2915, KTA.

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